Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not much done

So another week is just passing by.
Unfortunately not much was done in the hobby area during this time.

I am still waiting for client's opinion about Nurgle Terminators squad I painted so there're no official photos. If I wait a week longer I will take some shots anyway - minis forced to waiting for photo-session are unhappy minis.

Good news is my Ebay account works fine aaaaand I managed to sell Darkson Designs' Zee Germanz!*
Speaking of Ebay - encouraged by last week half-success I decided to try selling another model from my collection. This time it's hopefully something much more bidder-friendly - converted Nurgle lord of Chaos from Warhammer 40k. If you'd like to see how's the auction going - just click here ;)

Last week I had to go to Univ for 3 days (worseluck - weekend days) so I had much less time to paint something than I'd wish but I still managed to create something - not mentioning chaos lord which was painted in 2-3 evenings. I managed to push forward works on small diorama for NQ contest. With a bit of luck I will finish the base next week. I also recieved PP model which will be turned into the pirate. I regret I didn't spend enough time working with greenstuff - I'm afraid the converting will be pretty hard task if I want to do it well and, hopefully - win anything.

There was also one more nice "hobby thing" which happened to me: yesterday mailman delivered model painted for me by Elvers for Chest of Colors Mini Exchange #3 - you can see the model here but I will surely take new pics of it.

That's it for now - see ya next Sunday!


*still waiting for the payment though...

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