Sunday, April 5, 2020

Immaculate fury

God I'm bored...

Whole that waiting for house arrest to be called off makes me dig out and paint more and more weirder minis...
This time immacutale furies have been dragged onto the painting station.
Three of them accually, 'cause the most reddish has been painted over 4 years ago.

There are some warm memories about that specific model:
this and Valpurgius were my very first miniature purchase ever!
I can still remember that small bookstore in bus terminal building in february 1997...

Of all those sculpts I like the oldest one the most:
apart from nostalgic value it reflects the original artwork the best, and despite model is old - for me it's kinda sinister. It's just badass!

As for the others - no idea what mr Klocke had in mind while sculpting them (to be clear: I know he made at least one of them - that's what the tab said) but I got them just because I was collecting Dark Legion army. Not much "cool factor" and frankly - quite crap in the field.

But having them done was really nice break from Bolt Action.
Not mentioning the fact they provided some entertainment during COVID-19 madness... 

Oldschool FTW!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Goblin bust

Another victim of homeoffice boredom: oldie goblin bust.

I was asked by my dad to repaint oldie model, which was painted just with metalics and has been used as paperweight in the office. Wasn't sure about that piece but must admit working on unusual model provided lots of fun.
So much I'll seriously consider adding another bust into the display case.

Back to the quarantine...

Monday, March 30, 2020

"Hurricane": Dodge 3/4 (second take)

And here's another victim of COVID-19 madness.
In fact, this one has been painted like a week before the Hellcat, but decided not to post it earlier because my local opponent is also checking updates of the bloggy...

Bolt Action intelligence is also running it's wars ;-)

Anyway I needed another transporter for infantry. Deuce and half is just too big (I'd never put 24 men there, so it'd be a waste of points), and Warlord Games nor Rubicon Models sell truck for 12 men.  Given the circumstances Dodge is just perfect:
fast, cheap, armed with machine gun and carries full squad of engineers!

Just like in case of Hellcat I decided to paint it rather dusty than muddy. Also tested new dark undercoat, which is just supercool for chipping paint (dark tone contrasts nicely with).
The previous Dodge was painted almost exactly last year for Road to Berlin 2019 gaming, the new one was painted with hope to be used during Berlin 2020 planned for April - which was cancelled for obvious reasons...

Oh well, the infantry should appreciate new wheeler anyway.
Here're my maxi taxis:

And the new one:

As for the model next to the wheeler it's another piece finished "thank to" that damn virus (hope it lasts long enough to get Rangers done ^^ ).
Warlord Games provides only one metal flamethrower (the winter one is out of my interest) so decided to build my own. The assistant is from West Wind - there's really cool Berlin or Bust line of US soliders. Ther're same scale but are bit smaller compared to Black Tree. Nevermind - look great in a mob and smaller is better for sneaking with burning death...

The torch operator is Black Tree Design piece - that's really underrated line. Sure, some models look kinda clumsy but the offer is really big: thank to this I got whole infantry metal with no doubles!
The guy was carrying standard right which I cut off and tried to file the middle part so it looks more-less like a pile. The battel is just piece if anything - just tried to make is as thick as the middle part. The flame is placcy ork haircut ^^
Tanks come from oldie sentinel but I made them just shorter to fit the model. Ta - daa!

The team was made to test some colors for Rangers squad - there're almost the same as rest of army but I still want to make that unit differ: trousers are green instead of standard khaki, boots are brighter, helmets will be even darker, belts are white instead of bright olive. Looking forward to see them on the table...


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

M18 Hellcat (second take)

Hey again,

Apparently whole that COVID-19 madness got most of the globe if even reached such arse en of the world as Poland...
It's just sooo annoying but working more at home allowed me to deal with some unpainted models. Few weeks back I found new home for some of less used toys, but commander of my US force felt quite uncomfortable having no mobile anti-tank weapon, so decision was made to get another Hellcat.

The previous one was painted 2 years ago, so this time I could use some new painting tricks to make it more eyecatching. Hopefully that is.

This time it was painted using brighter color choice (similar to M4A3 howitzer) and instead of fresh mud I chose dust - that looks pretty "delicate" and natural in my opinion.
I also chose to put the commander in the turret this time - the model is just nice touch (despite he and the gunner have no legs) and I also could try some colors I'd like to see on Rangers. I want that unit look different than the rest of the grunts I field.

Hope you like it. some more should come soon, unless that fucking virus steps back... 

Handicap liutenant - no idea why the model has no legs, now it's just pain in the ass to attach it firmly to the turret...

Stay healthy!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Cryx Deathripper (conversion)

Cryx painting rampage continues!
Really, I totally forgot these models are so fun to paint!

After Slayer and Seether helljacks the time has come for something smaller and more cute - for Toruk's servants standards: Deathripper bonejack, Deneghra's lapdog.

It's actually very old conversion:
the body comes from Nightwretch, but I cut off the "beak" replacing it with chaos terminator powerfist and some wire. In my opinion it looks just better now not mentioning the fact it can be used as any bonejack proxy!

Ok, time for some field tests for this little bugger...

Friday, February 21, 2020

Cryx Seether

Last time it was Slayer leaving my painting station to kick Magnus' wooden arse, and now it's time for it's meaner brother to join the battlegroup: Seether.

Gamewise that piece is just badass!
It's way more deadly version of Slayer: runs for no focus points, moves (jumps) over obstacles, it's hate driven (whatever...) which gives it a free focus point every round!

I kept similar color choice to the previous helljack - really like that combo must say. What I do not like is it turned out I've applied too much chalk on the base which made wrecked Deathripper look like mound of dirt. Oh well' will try to keep that in mind working on the next member of the battlegroup.

I had lots of fun painting Seether and will probably try to paint one more, so if you'd like to include this one in your battlegroup just let me know - the bad boy is going to hit the market sooner or later. 

Till the next time!