Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Dug-in Firefly


Recent month was like a nightmare for me. Sadly for non-hobby related reasons.
But life goes on and no matter what shitstorm rages outside the window there's no reason to stop painting stuff. Actually sometimes I think the hobby is one of very few things which keeps me anchored to the reality.
I should probably start getting worried...

So what's today?
Most of my stuff (both related and non-related to hobby) has already been packed and prepared for moving so I don't even want to start a serious project. Instead I've managed to paint some random bits still staggering on the hobby desk.

First one is "recycling" job - it's actually terrain piece for Bolt Action game: dug-in Sherman IC Firefly. This one is or course based on dug-in Panther from Road to Berlin expansion. While packing bits box I've found spare Sherman hull and turret, which were just enough to assemble half on the tank.

The piece was made to practice using oils (lesson learnt: BIGGER CONTRAST!!!) and will be used as terrain piece, mission objective or maybe part of some independent force in the game, targeting anything at sight. Some pics were taken during works - maybe useful for anyone:

Off to moving out...

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The last model on (this) Earth

In this home actually.

All of a sudden it turned out shit hit the fan. And that was the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen. The fan also kinda industrial and rotating hellish fast. You get the point.

Long story short, also excluding unpleasant details, it turned out we have to sell the flat, split with my partner and move out as fast possible.
I was thinking about it while finishing recent heavy anti-tank gun: about whole fucked up situation, last six years spent here and life and death in general.

I've also recalled the very first model painted in this place, back in Autumn 2013.
It was Nemo - Cyrnar warcaster from Warmachine game. That piece was special because it was gift for my one, true hobby foe, I've been struggling against since like 1997.

So I thought it would be kinda symbolic (?) to make the last model painted here also gift.
You know: closing the circle shit. But this time the victim will be my friend from legal training.

And the piece rewarded with exhumation from the pile ov oblivion and despair is undead legionnaire from Warzone game: true, metal model, no finecast or printed fancy shit, big deal!
I have so much heart for these models!
Not only they have lots of character which modern, "hi-tech" models lack for but also bring back lots of memories. Which makes it perfect gift candidate.

Finishing it took 2 evenings and brought me lots of fun. I tried using oils on the armour and helmet but such paints work way better on larger surfaces in my opinion. Still - did the job.

Hope you like it, also hope the recipient likes it too.
Whatever comes next from under my brush most probably will come from new location.

And one more thing since it's about the memories.
While packing my stuff (hobby stuff that is...) I've found 5 White Dwarf issiues from the 90's.
I actually got them few months back but haven't browsed them carefully yet. Nowdays you can find old WD quite cheap (if you are into collecting). Must say back days I've never been big fan of this zine but now it's great way to bring back some more memories from the beginning of hobby activity:
all those vibrant colors, the red period in chaos army, most models metal...

It's just great to have something to escape to where everything around falls apart.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

M5 3" anti-tank gun (Bolt Action)


Looks like my US force is now getting one more anti-tank piece, after M1 57 mm medium anti-tank gun and M2A1 105 mm medium howitzer.
Not that we play games big enough to require 2 platoons or I am some sort of cannon models maniac - I just got nice, second hand support weapon bundle recently.
Once again models arrived painted, but luckly neither undercoated or varnished, so washing them wasn't challenging.

After dealing with howitzer (which actually hasn't seen the battlefield yet...) I was hoping to paint something quite diffrent but I spotted painting contest running on Polish forum Strategie, so looks like there was a chance for frendly competition but even more important - getting one more model crossed off the list.

The contest rules say you have to show an least one photo from the beginning or works, at least two from the progress and the final ones. The idea is to make people show miniatures painted especially for the contest, and not toys already stuffed in the display cases.
Quite a good idea actually. 

So here's the first one:
after models was ripped off the base, washed and undercoated:

Few days later - unit commander and loader are ready for action:

Two remaining lads ready to hunt zee German big cats:

The gun - rather quick and easy work based on airbrush and oil washes:

All pieces together:

And the final result:

Another anti-tank piece means there's one over my needs so I decided to put the medium gun for sale. If you are interested by any chance - use the contact form of shout in the comment.

That's it for now, laterz!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pimp my howitzer

Last time it was heavy mortar and today my infantry once again got support weapon:
M2A1 105 mm medium howitzer. 
It's not that I was lacking for anti-tank or anti-infantry weapon, but a short while back guy from Bolt Action group was flogging off his toys so I took oportunity to work on some second hand pieces. The wallet likes second hand deals...

Models came painted but luckly for me the previous owner didn't care much about undercoating - washing the paint was rather easy.
For uniforms I chose standard combo, but on two of the crewmen  I tested cayman green instead of yellow olive for jackets. 
Models of the gun and the men are ok except for the faces of the commander and the guy pulling the "trigger": these two look like had bad, bad accident with acid. Nevermind as long as they can shoot.
Original model came on large, oval base but I changed it for 4" x 2": it's easier to place it in the terrain, buildings and such.

What do you think?

And here's the model before pimping:

And one more thing:
While working on the artillery piece I was also working on a small gift for my friend from legal training. Suffering my company for almost 3 years at the same desk is more than enough to deserve a little something. 
Something more than bad jokes and stupid drawings that is...

Back to hell.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

US heavy mortar


After dealing with Church ov Dagon posse for Dracula's America, it was high time to come back to world war II front and paint some Bolt Action stuff. All in all I think I've already got painted all minis I need for gaming, but there are still some pieces staggering around which can be used to expand the force. 
And heavy mortar is one of such.

The model is second hand piece recruited and washed off a while back. I like the model and hope to see some direct hits in the coming battles. It's 3" template after all which is enough to wreck a building... 

Right: time to check if there are any decals left to draft some more infantry...