Saturday, July 20, 2019

Pimp my howitzer

Last time it was heavy mortar and today my infantry once again got support weapon:
M2A1 105 mm medium howitzer. 
It's not that I was lacking for anti-tank or anti-infantry weapon, but a short while back guy from Bolt Action group was flogging off his toys so I took oportunity to work on some second hand pieces. The wallet likes second hand deals...

Models came painted but luckly for me the previous owner didn't care much about undercoating - washing the paint was rather easy.
For uniforms I chose standard combo, but on two of the crewmen  I tested cayman green instead of yellow olive for jackets. 
Models of the gun and the men are ok except for the faces of the commander and the guy pulling the "trigger": these two look like had bad, bad accident with acid. Nevermind as long as they can shoot.
Original model came on large, oval base but I changed it for 4" x 2": it's easier to place it in the terrain, buildings and such.

What do you think?


And here's the model before pimping:

And one more thing:
While working on the artillery piece I was also working on a small gift for my friend from legal training. Suffering my company for almost 3 years at the same desk is more than enough to deserve a little something. 
Something more than bad jokes and stupid drawings that is...

Back to hell.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

US heavy mortar


After dealing with Church ov Dagon posse for Dracula's America, it was high time to come back to world war II front and paint some Bolt Action stuff. All in all I think I've already got painted all minis I need for gaming, but there are still some pieces staggering around which can be used to expand the force. 
And heavy mortar is one of such.

The model is second hand piece recruited and washed off a while back. I like the model and hope to see some direct hits in the coming battles. It's 3" template after all which is enough to wreck a building... 

Right: time to check if there are any decals left to draft some more infantry...

Sunday, June 23, 2019

V Elblag modelling festival


This one is something rather unexpected, I should call is father's day gift from the fate.
Like on Friday or Thursday  evening I spotted info in local portal about modelling contest on Saturday and Sunday. As it turned out it was 5th, annual event.
I had no idea there were so many people interested in this stuff living nearby, not mentioning there were also guests from other regions of Poland.
According to local news there were ~100 participants and ~300 models!

It was dedicated to "pro" modellers: scales like 1:35, 1:72, 1:700, cardboard models etc, but there was no problem in bringing any otler minis.
Which I did:
I had absolutely nothing prepared for the event so brought some models I liked (for diffrent reasons) to present my stuff and probe this new, unexplored enviroment.

Models are took were:

(More about Sherman Calliope here - pics and here - building)

(Gotta take new pics of this one, original ones are hosted on damn Photobucket...)

After checking other works I didn't think my junk can score anything but in the end models brought me 3 prizes (zombie bust didn't make it tho - sorry TrowaƄski...).
All in all it was fun, and not only I brought shiny stuff back home. Next year I hope to prepare something dedicated to the event.

I also took some pics but most of them were fucked because of strong sunlight. But here's what's worthy sharing. Quality is poor - none of photos were edited (except for resizing) or enchanced: