Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Renault FT 17


This time it's a real treat for me:
the first print of WWII french tank Renault FT 17 from brand new company: Warpainter.

It was supposed to become the first model in the coming French army for Bolt Action, but after realising such force would be based on ~70 infantrymen, I'm not that extatic anymore...

Anyway I got the tank and decided to have some fun painting it, it's quite unusual model after all (imo equally weirdo to Mark IV monstrocity). 
As for the quality I am quite impressed: I've been working on 2 or 3 printed models so far and this one definitely has best quality of details - well done Mr. Second! ;-)

I like the resin used for printing: filing and polishing it is really easy, easier than working on plastic models I guess. Tank comes in 5 parts: main body, turret, 2 tracks and "the tail": all you really need to get it assembled is some sandpaper and few drops of superglue. 
For easier transportation I put magnet in the turret so I can take it off for the journey 
(or even more probably: to place there smoke marker, after it's wasted...)

So here's the painted model.
Tried to keep it similar to original paintjob and it was actually going really smooth until I put jar of mud on the desk: getting dirty is just so much fun I barely could stop myself from getting it even more weathered...
Camo pattern was painted using masks made of Patafix (Blu Tac). Haven't used it before but I'm quite sure I'll give it another try - most probably to repaint my brother's Hetzer
Results are quite promising.

Hope you like the piece and new photo background.
Must say I like it bit more than hobby desk mess ^^

War golf cart compared to something better known (and more reliable):

And the source of for color choice: huzzah for Wikipedia!

Take care! o/

Monday, July 27, 2020

A Forest (terrain piece)

Hey again,

This time some raw nature: piece of wargaming forest.

We actually have been using these trees for a while but their bases were kinda f#cked so I decided to refresh the terrain piece. 
I always wanted the forest to be thick, so it looks nice on battlefield, but in such a forest there might be a problem with placing models - especially larger ones.

The solution is making part of the foliage removable.
In fact planning took more time than execution itself:

1.    I prepared base large enough for ~20 trees,
2.    Got lasercut round bases for the moving trees + slots for the bases,
3.    Glued the slots on the base and finished it with pva glue and sand,
4.    Attached trees,
5.    Airbrushed paint on trees, added some washes and pigments on the base, 
6.    Applied some drybrush on the sand and Voila!

Nice forest! It surely is safe!

Especially with necromutant park rangers staggering around...

And Hellcat to prevent cartoony bear from stealing picnic baskets!

And the same forest with trees moved out:
now there's even enough space for Necromunda / Ash Wastes "Mjolner":

The walking trees - good enough for loosely growing foliage:

Hope to bring some painted junk next time...

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Mechanithralls & bile thralls

Hey again,

It's good to be back among the living.
Among the dead actually - we'll see for how long...

Anyway despite huge amount of shit hitting the fan in the so-called real life 8 models has just left the pile of The Unpainted and joined the ranks of Cryx army: mechanithralls.

This is actually my second attempt of dealing with these steam-fisted necroheads:
back days I had some of them but sold them together with most of the army (duh!). 
But since we're back into Warmachine (I ed.) here, my casters feel just kinda sad without bunch of animated corpses running around, so here they are!

Painting is simple and rather quick (for my standards that is):
the idea was to paint 3-4 models same time to get the job done bit faster and still keep some painting level: after all nicely painted minis fight better!
Those two standing on large bases were supposed to be brute thralls (yet in 2014!) - unit attachment, now they're just ordinary rank and file troopers. Just bit more funny ^^

I think I still should have few more of these minis, hope to find 4 more so I can form 2 squads. Background is the new thing: there is a background, instead of painting desk mess.
Some people pointed that models look with nice background behind so I'll be testing it.

As for these fatties below - they were painted before 2013 (See? The proof!) but simply couldn't part with them: these sculpts are just way too cool. Besides I think they were painted in No Quarter back days - there was a tutorial about painting dead flesh if I remember correctly. Looking at them now I must admit I like that background more and more...

Monday, June 8, 2020

FULLY PAINTED Bolt Action US army

So looks like it finally happened:
after few years of gaming my US army is fully painted and ready to spread democracy among gaming tables, with fire, explosives and air raids!

I had little somthing to write about every unit in the force but now, looking at them presenting together I am just glad whole project is finished. 
Can't remember I've been taking army pics every before but really like that crawling mass, reminds me good old Sudden Strike RTS. If anyone's interested buildings are from Black Grom Studio. And if you want some close ups check the labels under post or on the panel (there's 200 letters space limit under posts).

Hope you like the family shots:

And some pics from the painting station. Finally got the reason to clean it up...

I wonder if such a mass is sellable at all...

Monday, June 1, 2020

US Rangers (Bolt Action)


Looks like we've reached end of the local COVID panic.
Must say it was rather annoying period with whole that bullshit being streamed by media (mostly official media) and lots of people acting stupid.
Positive side of staying home for me was saving some models from the Pile of Shame, which for a wargamer is always something to be proud of.
And the last project labeled COVID-19 was unit of Rangers for my Bolt Action US army.

This unit is actually the last piece planned to consider US army project finished.
Sure, there are still remains waiting for some care and attention (eg. gen. Patton, M40 GMC), but those are contest pieces, gifts and other similar stuff - definitely nothing on the must-have war list.

The unit is mix of models from different brands: Artizan, Black Tree, Stoessi's Heroes and West Wind. To make them look coherent altogether I was painting whole squad same time - for the very first time in my hobby life actually. Wanted to check the painting quality drop caused by "speed painting" (which wasn't really fast in my case to be honest). 
I also practiced using airbrush for painting uniforms (like on US light mortar crew).

I think results are at least acceptable, which is good news for someone considering starting mass French army...

What I learnt is being careful (very careful!) with applying dry pigments on intantry models. From my experience the more of this stuff you put on vehicles the better, but in case of infantry pieces tuu much pigments may screw the paintwork. These below are supposed to be dirty (Rangers lead the way! after all) but colors were much more vivid before I blessed them with magic powder and pigment binder. 
Oh well, apparently it's never too late to leart something useful...

Sunday, May 17, 2020

US mortar section

Back to olive!

After all that colorful recent Rackham stuff finally my trusty Bolt Action force got some support. This time it was light mortar: cheap, reliable, pain in the ass unit (already love it...).

Last night there was a brutal combat between the US boys and German invaders at my place so finally I got opportunity to see long awaited light mortar in action. I also tested new way painting on that team:
it's not only about the color choice (way brighter) but the fact uniforms (trousers and jackets) were painted with airbrush and washed with oils. The general idea was to make painting as fast as possible without loosing much of desired quality. 
Must say I am pretty satisfied about the result and hope to paint whole 10 men strong similar way shortly which would make US army project closed.

Below you can see whole mortar section serving in my force. Papa Nurgle is clearly standing behind the project...

And some close ups of the light mortar - freshly fried. Looking at the photos I think some stronger shading on the trousers should have been applied but apart from that my likey. 
If anyone needs more shots of other mortars can be found here (heavy mortar) and here (medium mortar). Now back to planning...