Friday, April 20, 2012

And another one down, another one down...

I really cannot believe it: it's still April and I finished another model!
That's right - yet another Scavvy bastard has finally got paintjob and the proper name in the gang: Barlow*
As you can see he's taking his 2 plague zombie girlfriends to have some fun but apart from that after 3 battles he has 41 exp points, has WS4, BS3 and S4 (fucking marvel especially for such cannon fodder like Scavvies) and got infiltration skill. This combined with dum-dum bullets makes him perfect terrorist hehehe...

What worries me again is the damn background:
apparently to hide the texture I should either elevate the models using plinth of something similar or bring some character to the photos. I have a plan to use some bits to make simple scenery for taking shots only - of course Necromunda themed.
I saw JRN uses such thing for his masterpieces so why shouldn't I? ^^
Hope to bring the piccies with the next log.

*That's right: Salem's Lot


  1. Put them on a plinth, move the backdrop a bit further away, then zoom in a bit.