Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quick return to Warhammer Fantasy

Last week the postman made my day by delivering 2 things:
- ticket for Faith No More gig July 4th (YAY!!!)
- solid box from Canada with 4 models inside: missing scavvies and mounted Khorne champion I am obligated to paint in exchange for the Necromunda stuff.
I am really glad I met the client on Lead adventures board bazaar section, because sniping the missing minis one by one off Evilbay is such a huge pain in the ass...

Names for the leader and one of scalies are already chosen but still looking for proper name for another heavy hitter - any suggestions are welcome, after all painted and named models fight better ^^

At this stage we're planning color scheme for the Blood God lord so I can start works (and finish them!) as soon as possible to come back to the Underhive eventually. So many gangers yet to be paint-slapped...
Speaking of this - 2 more cockers joined the nicely painted side of the force: Grinder and Rutgut. This time there's only one model from the past as a company - oldie leader.
That means I will be repainting the gangers shortly. Pic might seem worse that usual because models were varnished shortly before I put them into the photo station: the varnish worked kinda weird - models looked "sweaty" instead of matt.

And the last thing - fucking awful wip shot of the background I'm gonna use for post-apo photos. The idea was nicked from JRN blog - really love his creations and deeply hope such stuff will work fine with my minis. I thought if I ever get bored with such background I will use it for the final scenic base for some of my dark future minis (so many yet to be done).
Also I've been taking some step-by-step photos so after the base is done I should have enough material for medium sized article - hope I can finally bring some solid spam dose to CofC articles section.

That's it for now, take care and don't step on tox bomb!


  1. Incredible painting on those lovely Necromunda models- I am very envious of your skills. I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying looking through your excellent work.

    Keep it up mate!

  2. Thanks a lot for such a kind words!
    Will do my best not to disappoint you with the following gang members =D