Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby is getting bigger...

Hey again!

It's been a while but because some fucking banking shit exam I was forced to put the hobby away for a few weeks. All in all I passed (yaaay...) which result was nice diploma, lots of stress, some money spent for a trip to capital city and not a single more model painted.

Bad deal.

But I came back to the ash wastes and there are some results!
Last week I managed to spend some late night hours in the gaming spot and the 9th table module has been sanded and prepared for being planted*. Yesterday I even managed to take an "aerial" picture of the whole monster - 72" x 72" of dangerous wastes, ready for gaming!
I would love to slap a paint on it right now but I will wait for the plants and some extra details to be added - I've spent way too much time assembling the whole construction to allow myself hastyness with the final works.

And below 2 side-shots (sadly taken from the ground level). I have to build another frame to use the full size mode of the battlefield). For scale purposes you can see a single Van Saar ganger penetrating the ash wastes.

After assembling the 9th piece it turned out I still have another 24" x 24" unused board + hell lot of styrofoam. I couldn't miss such opportunity and the result of about 2 hours of intensive cutting was the hill below - already slightly sanded.
It seems to be the highest piece of natural terrain on the battlefield and I am sure we will be using it often: it can totally block line of sight but also be great spot for heavy machine gunner etc.  

There is also color pic today!
Painting only a tiny gobbo is pathetic for a blog update but hey, you've just got lots of terrain, and I also said I was quite busy, right? ;-)
As you can see I managed to push forward my small Tale of Gamers side project. This time the paint was slapped on small gobbo champ I got from my old Nameless buddy. Painting these little cockers is neverending fun so just cannot wait to add another one onto the "painted side". 
I also think I will give a try to dark blades - the one gobbo boss is wielding looks decent and I hope to achieve similar effect on bigger weapons as well.

And the cherry on the top of cake:
2 weeks ago, after several years of break, I finally managed to run Call of Cthulhu scenario! ^^
I didn't believe it still can be fun but it was! In fact is was such a great fun we decided to continue the gaming. After my players get out from the Arkham arrest** I think I will throw them into Innsmouth to see just how fast then cat run hehehe... ^(;,;)^


*sadly these damn plants are available here about August
** which was result of a sad shotgun "accident" in Ross Corners village...


  1. Your wasteland is looking amazing! Can't wait to see it in action! Well done.

  2. Thanks mate!

    Same here actually but don't want to screw anything with hasty decisions so we just have to wait.

    Until that the wastes will be tested by our gangs - it's 6th month of campaign just started! =D