Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Huge rack this time...

But first: the ship has arrived!
Actually - the Galleon! And soon it will sail through dangerous Big Pond, full of sea monsters straight to it's US (master and) commander!

I am very glad to have it already painted.
Not that working on the model was sort of nightmare or something (it was really nice change to do something hobby related finally), but accidentally while the commission work started - I was also moving to the new spot. 
But after whole the mess the model is ready and all I have to do is provide box durable enough to protect this baby against dirty and malicious minds of post office workers.

The very original color scheme was my client's idea: 
model is part of battle force based on Tramar theme (whatever it means - sadly I know very little about Iron Kingdoms fluff) which is also reason of "banners" hanging on the colossal's torso. 

The guy also asked for 2 removable bases: ship deck and battlefield themed. Some strong magnets and thick pin solved problem of standing the Galleon. Hope you like what you see - pics are average but I cannot remember I've ever taken decent photo of such a large toy.

The big guy is not blocking my painting desk anymore so I can finally start another painting commission. Some time ago I got a proposal of painting really nice model from Reaper's range: Eando Kline, the Pathfinder.
The model below was painted by Derek (you can see the proper topic on Reaper's forum here) and I was asked to base my paintjob on the Derek's work.
I will be surely very challenging task but hope see the mini painted with no further delays.There're still some of my Scavvies waiting to be painted after all!

At this stage model has been filed and undercoated. I've also decided to give the mini display plinth with socket to insert the round base. It's not much work more but I want to compensate the whole delay thing

But hobby life is not limited only to painting commissions and wargaming. There are other things as well.
Things like experiments.
About 3 weeks ago I went to fusing classes. I saw examples of such stuff during some recent appraisal work and there's just lots of possibilities to try. For starters I made 2 kinda-plates (whatever it is - doesn't work as eating plate for sure ^^) but the plan was also to give a try to some jewelry and some more useful things: like containers for dices, gaming tokens and the rest of these little gaming stuff.
Sadly after the first classes it turned out I won't have any chance to find enough time to go there regularly so all I got is the thing below. I left the other one in the class room - they sell fused glass products so who knows, maybe someone found a role to be filled by my "plate".

And last but definitely not least: the promised huge rack. Probably the very first rack posted on the bloggy!
It took me long time to get the rack into the the gaming room but it's there already and it's not leaving the place.No freakin' way!
Ladies and gentlemen... Well... Let's make it just: Gentlemen: I am presenting...

<ta-dam, ta-dam, ta-dam...>

THE HUGE RACK (clicky)

Nice, eh? ^^

After taking some of the shit stored in the gaming spot (stored there about 1,5 year ago) to the new home I discovered some unused wood. These planks were part of garden house roof or something.
8 of these were nailed together, cut to proper size so now we can we can play wargames on 72" x 72" size battlefield - 3 x 3 modules.
Maybe now I can finish these damn modules and then paint it...

Till the next time!


  1. That Galleon is epic. Gorgeous pj and basing.

  2. I like the use of the Ramshackle spider as a terrain piece. The gaming table is awesome anyways. But do you think you will ever paint it? with all those nice miniatures you could paint instead? ;)

  3. Cheers guys!

    @Floyd: Yeah, Curtis' stuff is great for terrain building - I still have some spares which will probably never be used if you want it's your's just for covering shipping cost :)
    As for painting I was thinking about it and all in all it shoulnd't take so much time: there will be lots of glazing, pigments and drybrushing. With a bit of luck I should be able to take some pics during the process so I can show the birth of battlefield step-by-step.