Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I had a dream...

...about painitng miniatures.

There were rows of painted miniatures standing proudly in my glass cases and on the gaming table. I had lots of time for painitng even more of them but suddenly something wrong happened: there were more and more minis waiting for paintjob but I had not enough time to take care all of them.

So I had to choose between minis for display case and for gaming.

But then it got even worse and I had to choose just a few models to paint. At this point I do all I can to organise myself enough to get a single model painted.
That struggle is so hard.

The nightmare continues.

So the hobby part of my life is f*%ed big time recently, I am not even trying to hide myself behind a delusion things are looking anything better. But to keep the hobby wreck still alive* I want to concentrate on something bigger, which (from the start) is planned to be a long-time project: chaos dragon.

Egrimm van Horstmann is one of my fav models ever, so I am very happy I got the sculpt in possession. I would be even more happy to see it painted one day.

At this stage the model is more-less assembled (there're lots of gaps requiring filling though) but you can see shape of the project. At first there was only the dragon on the surface but then I thought some worshippers would also be a nice touch:
another shiny banner after all!

I could add one or two more chaos models on the base but that would look bit too crowdy imho, what do you think? On the other hand I have  3 more oldie marauders which could be used as the escort**.

As for colors I really have no idea yet:
basic plan was to paint it more-less oldschool way (like similar to "official" paintjob) but since I cannot beat that paintjob I can paint it anything I like, I respect all Chaos gods. Both known and unnamed.
So if you have any ideas for colors to use - don't be shy, post a comment.


* Or animated to be precise: it's nothing more than rotting corpse now
**Yeah, right... Marauders escorting the dragon... ^^


  1. Yesss, that looks like solid project, Demi. I would love to see it fully painted by you, man! Keep on going!

  2. You name the problem I think every gamer-painter-hybrid suffers from... just painting stuff? painting stuff as showcasy as possible? painting stuff fast so you have a lot to play with? everything at the same time? oh yes please! :)

    Well, you can paint the dragon as you like. most of your stuff is dark and muddy, this is your thing. and a Chaos Dragon in this style would look cool and kind of "up to date". On the other hand, some clean, really bright colour salad would be nice, too and a lot different to your other miniatures and maybe a challenge for you. So I say... orange/grey belly and rainbow scales. The more I think about it the I like the rainbow scales. Do the rainbow scales! :D Not the fast way to paint it, but Chaos as it has to be.

  3. Cheers DT!

    @Floyd: glad to know my problem is actually not mine only.
    It kinda took bit of burden of my hobby-heart...

    I need a battle plan if I still want to keep this thing floating:
    sadly to run a war (miniatures) you need supplies (time) and when it comes to this it's total crisis here =/

    Maybe I should make a paper list of hobby priorities to concentrate at one thing at the time? I dunno...

  4. there is an easy solution: just paint! Instead of complaining or wining, just paint. Instead of making lists what to do first, just paint. Instead of deciding whether you wanna do display or gaming stuff, just paint. Sounds not like a satisfactory answer but this it how it works. Do what you like. If a miniature starts getting annoying, do not force yourself to finish it, go to another mini. You probably have enough ^^. When you keep doing what you like, you will have a better output of painted stuff.
    Too much thinking about not having enough time or to many ideas you can never realize just makes a painter sad.

  5. I've just painted 2 mushrooms for the dragon diorama! HA!!!