Friday, April 4, 2014

Looks like a spider passed this way

And it sure was big and ugly!

Luckly it's gone now, not sure I'd feel comfortable planting mushrooms and artifical grass knowing there are 4 pairs of mean, hungry eyes starring at me.
With spider or without it the base is more-less ready and waiting for miniatures. 
I am still scared of painting the chaos dragon so it was clear and easy decision to start with small models: dwarf slayer, skaven clanrats, marauders.
Dragon will be sort of the cherry on the top of the cake.

Or rather everything else will be small cake under 'uuuge, two-headed chaos cherry! :D

The photo below turned out a bit "overburnt" - it's definitely too bright but you can see the general idea. This is also sort of test before assembling another piece - this time 100% under surface of the ground. I was thinking about something related to Skaven or Undead fluff: corridors under human empire or tomb of ancient wizard / necromancer.
Hirst Arts molds should be good material for such project.

Is there anything else?
Yup - yesterday  expeditionary force of Eurasian Solar Union from Full Thrust game landed in my study. It's my very frst contact with such sort of game so I am looking forward to see the results of painting the first frigate. Models are small (it's the tiny scale after all) so painting them effective way seems like a quite a challenge.

If the game is at least half as cool as guys at Pyrkon told me I will do my best to infect at least one more gamer here with GZG stuff.
Until then - picture of the fleet still in the space base (on my painting desk that is).

As for painting I've been considering several options. Most of ships I've seen in movies are white or at least bright. Which is quite obvious - there's no point ot painting camo in the deep space since whole flying, aiming etc is done by advanced computers, sensors, robots or whatever.
So I think I will start with applying bright grey + white base color, highlight it and when some red elements will be added (washes should work just fine for this job). Dependable on the result I will add details like glass windows, fire from the exhaust pipes, chipped paint.

Test frigate is on the way...


  1. Hi!

    Cant wait to see how the Full Thrust stuff turns out as I've been tempted to pick up some bits and bobs myself!

    The webbing on the vignette looks fantastic too!

    All the best

  2. Yep.
    Webbing is da awesome.
    But spiders gotta die, I'm sorry.
    They're mad creepy.

  3. Cheers guys!
    The spider sure must be 'uuuge, but that's the reason I've already put dwarf troll (and of course spider) slayer into the tunnel ;)

    - Demi -

  4. Looking good so far! How did you do the spider webs? Have I missed a tutorial somewhere?

  5. Hey, glad you like it!
    For a tutorial check Massive Voodoo site - there's an article about the webs :)