Sunday, August 31, 2014

This time it's something wet and nasty...

But before you get some miniature-pr0n here's something much less juicy: Capitol hero.
This ugly... eee... I meant classic piece of sculpt was painted as another member of the Doom Troopers team I'd like to see sometimes in the glass case.
I tested different camo colors here and it's acceptable for my rotten taste. There's no punisher blade on the back because I fu**ing lost is somewhere: I had just a single blade, got it primed and the next day it was gone. Main suspect is one of my cats but since there's no evidence so far...
I will find that piece or find some replacement shortly.

It was nice to cross that model off the 'uuge-junk-pile list, and it's always pleasure to see Warzone model painted. After I find the missing piece model will be sent to one of guys we started the whole Warzone deal here. The old chap was once wargamer and RPG player and now he's a monk =|

And no - nothing cool like monk from Diablo game. Oh well...

Now it's tome for something nasty and for adult wargamers only!
That's right, tell the kids to watch tv, play football or just get out ^^

I felt bit weird while starting painting the Carronande.
I know some old Warzone models look silly or funny but this one is just one big, fucking disaster. The only bits I like are original crewmen - they are now part of another undead legionnaires squad.
The cannon spent many years in the junk bucket since our Warzone group fell apart so I feel even bigger satisfaction it's finally painted. No matter how ugly it is. As you can see I replaced original wheels with resin ones. Despite my whole tolerance for ugly... eee... CLASSIC (gotta remember about it) minis I just couldn't stand the original parts.

At first I wanted to paint is similar to original artwork (dirty browns) but since the obvious reference to penis of Algeroth I decided to use more organic choice of colors. So here it is - ready to bombard mortal armies with pure semen of Evil.

And since there's never enough hobby pr0n here's another something.
Wet and nasty something which should probably come from Ilian (Warzone speaking) but which actually came from Navarro - if you ever had anything in common with Tyranids you should hear about the guy.

Some time ago I was trying to build a drop pod for my pretorian stalkers - according to some unofficial rules we use these guys can start the game deployed behind enemy lines. Since my sculpting-fu is really weak I asked Navarro for some advices about creating alien tissue - there was a cool article about it on Chest of Colors by the way.
So after exchanging some emails he offered to send me his drop pod, which was Santa visiting me in the summer!

What I got was a cast of pod sculpted for Secret Weapons. And it even came painted!
Check this and feed your eyes.
Thank you Nav, thanks a lot!

Till the next time!


  1. Great looking stuff! Love the paint job on the first guy.

  2. Cheers!

    Since I am going to give away that model I have to find replacement in the Doom Troopers death squad ;)

  3. Great looking classic warzone stuff there!

    The replacement wheels and paint scheme on the unholy carronade really work as the original painted example from the rulebooks was pretty awful looking.

    It may be interesting to see the unholy carronade with some sort of biomechanical legs too to give it an almost sentient vibe.

    I am finding it increasingly difficult to resist the temptation of picking up some warzone goodies now because of you!

    All the best!

  4. Sssssstop resssssissstinggggg...
    Joinnn the ranxxx ov the old lead!

    Sssssssssssss... :>

    Hope to see the carronade in 15mm scale sometimes!

  5. I suspect that carronade and the pod are gonna be close friends... don't store them close in the glass case unless you want to start collection of tiny carronades (that would fit Illian's scions).

    It's a blast to see those ugl ...classic pieces done in color schemes that actually make the models pop (even if it's using a muted and coherent palette), unlike the official paintjobs that usually accentuated some flaws of those minis.


  6. Thanks a lot dude!

    I know genitals of Ilian and Algetoth should be separated so the models stand in separate display cases:
    there are 2 sheets of glass and distance of ~2,5 meters between them so any successful attampt of insemination is a sure ticket to Discovery Channel for me! ^^