Saturday, November 22, 2014

Demons to some, angels to others.

Hey again, 

I didn't expect to paint as much this month (yeah, yeah... 4 models is pretty much paintjob for some) but apparently miracles happen sometimes. Not mentioning I had not much appraisal work in November.

Anyway I didn't plan to paint anything particular after the griffon so I simply chose oldie metal EE ghoul. I was supposed to be painted a'la feral ghoul from Fallout 3 - reddish, radiation burnt and pain in the ass. I liked the effect so another one got some paint slapped on so I could add them to the Scavvy gang. So there were 2 slaves but no master. Luckly there was metal haemonculus model from dark eldars which was just perfect candidate for such a role (strongly inspired by Hellraiser movie series if just not a rip off - which would be quite funny in case of GW).

I must admit that sculpt was so underrated it took several years for me to even try to paint it. Whoever was the sculptor (any ideas please?) he did marvellous job: the piece is just packed with spicy details and with the alien head it's just perfect for badass character. I am considering repainting other ghouls I have to fit those below so I can have alternative boss for the gang and some close combat scavvies (who need a gunner with BS2 while I can get 2 melee cockers instead, right?).

I remember there was a plan few years back to build Slaanesh cultist band using some Warhammer models I liked (among them ghouls and haemonculus) but all in all they ended up in the string bag. There are still ork based mutants and a daemonette or two (ugly ones with overgrown claws) which might be converted and painted when I find any use for them in Underhive / Ash wastes conflict.

So hope you like this small addition to the still growing gang of the worst you can meet in the Underhive. I have no idea what will be the next one but I think something from oldie Warzone or Necromunda range is the most certain candidate - we're having the game tomorrow. 
Speaking of which - we got another gamer!

Hell yeah!!! 

So there are 3 of us for gaming now! 
All those years have finally paid off! Not sure is that a reason to laugh or cry though...


  1. Cracking work on those Ghouls and the Dark Eldar is fantastic too! I do like the small conversions you've done which really add a bit of character to the sculpts too!

    All the best!

  2. Nice skin tones on the Ghouls but the fat chick with alien head is an absolute bad ass! Very fitting painting and sculpt wise for necromunda.

  3. Ta guys!

    @Cow: I just couldn't stand the fact these two are practicaly the same pose. All those minor convos take a little time but add some spice and diversity to each gang.

    @Nav: Pfff... Don't be so judgemental!
    I am sure she was just preggo! See the caesarean section woung? The poor gal has probably performed by very own robotical arm! =D

    I think I will get more of those non-cenobytes shortly. Cannot resist the charm of the sculptor's work!

  4. No humming "Just the two of us..." anymore. :)

  5. We'll see how long new recruit can take the beating in the gaming bunker.
    Do you think he's going to get very own gang?


    I meant: pig? ^^