Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One more OOP plague marine, full scavvy gang + bit of summary

New year is coming so it's time for the very last post in 2014.

But first something more interesting: painted stuff!
For starters - my response for Rob Hawkins converted skeleton archers.
This guy definitely saved the model from being forgotten forever in small box in the darkest corner of my cellar, together with some more old and mutilated hobby junk.

Although paintjob is nothing special I am pretty satisfied of the conversion - it was fun and easy. I should check are there any other old undead in the lead pile, maybe it's high time for me to get Mordheim gang? Or I could try to assemble mixed regiment of skellies and zombies - blocks of troopers always look effective, especially dead ones...

Another one is the second classic plague marine model.
I said it before - those old sculpts are just great, full cooperation with painter! 
Bunch of servants of Rotten God will sure look great on the battlefield especially supported by minor demons, spawn of beast of Nurgle. Or all of them!

As for the marine it was painted using more less the same color palette as for the previous one (earlier post) but I tried to achieve stronger contrast. Still not exactly what I wanted so there's another one (the cult leader - mr Fabius B.) to improve. Hopefully.

And the boring part - annual summary.
The chart says most of it - this year I painted 43 models - more than in the year before but on the other hand we played few less games - 17 only.
I want more - both gaming and painting but I also know real life can fuck just everything, especially such a fragile and precious matter as the miniatures hobby.
On the other hand I should be happy I can constantly play with toy soliders: I know some poor souls which cannot get even close my score.
Poor unfulfilled hobby souls - here's the candle for you:


The reasons remain the same: my family life, some more work to do, my opponent's studies and of course - he got married so now he has to negotiate leaving the nest for quick game every time with his second half. Congrats again, bitch... ;-)

This time I tried to avoid setting some big, long distance goals to achieve to avoid disappointment in the end but if turned out I finally managed to paint all models from the Scavvy family. Sure, some of them were finished few years back but they will be getting fresh paintjob eventually. Probably after acting well on the battlefield. The first candidate is definitely Deadeye - the only scavvy with autogun:
2 games back he managed to deal with 3 pit slaves using only gun's butt and teeth!!!

Which reminds me - we managed to find 2 gamer - candidates recently. They seem to be optimistic about whole gaming idea so there's tiny little chance to play BIG match in the coming year. That's what 72" x 72" game table was built for! Fingers crossed for that.

As for any hobby plans for the comig year - not much really.
I hope to finish some models staggering on the desk, build another photo background (the "vault entrance" is cool but I want some change), play more regulary and maybe start another gang - Ratskin Renegades or Redemptionists.

That's it for 2014, seeya next year!


  1. Don't care about numbers and figures, the important thing is fun ! Wonderful stuff has come out of here this year so congrats !

    Here's to the new year ;)

  2. Cheers!

    Yeah, I know the fun should be important but the more I look at whole thing the more depressive I get, or maybe just nostalgic.
    There were times the gamers were around but we didn't habe $ to get minis or skills to give them basic paintjob. Now it's reversed.
    Don't like it.
    I feel grumpy and old.

  3. Hi!

    I cant believe I missed this post! Absolutely amazing work on those figures! I'm totally going to steal the idea for a decent backdrop for my figures too.

    All the best!

  4. Thanks mate, looking for some ideas for the new one.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated ;)