Sunday, November 1, 2015

Selling Warmachine Cryx stuff

Hey all,

Before I bring something painted there's a small announcement.
There are some Warmachine Cryx models I don't need anymore looking for new home. Most of models (units) have already been sold so here're the remains.

I am looking for ~70% retail price for unpainted/undercoated models, as for painted ones - I'll make something up if anyone is interested.

Here's the list of everything I managed to find from Cryx range.
Before shipping I'll double check if there's no parts missing etc.

Asphyxious 2010
Warwitch Deneghra variant - metal (painted)
Skarre, Queen of the Broaken COast (undercoated)
Wraith witch Deneghra - converted (undercoated)
Mortenebra + her skarlock
2x Warwitch siren
Witch Coven (undercoated)
2x Darragh Wrathe set (undercoated)
Cankerworm (painted)
Deathripper - plastic
Deathripper - plastic (undercoated)
Nightwretch - metal (undercoated)
Nightwretch - metal (painted)
Defiler - metal (painted)
Stalker (painted)
Skarlock - metal
Skarlock - metal (undercoated)
Skarlock - metal (painted)
3x Soulhunters
Necrosurgeon (undercoated)
3x Stitch thralls (painted)
3x Ogrun boarding party

Shipping from Poland - cost based only on the parcel's weight.



  1. Hi,

    Are you still selling ?

    I am interested in any non-painted model (undercoated is fine).

    You can write to me directly at my email address :

    Thanks and cheers for the nice work !

  2. Thanks for contact,

    E-mailreply on the way :)