Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Licking wounds after Photobucket accident

Since Photobucket changed the policy some (bloody lots actually) of my pictures disappeared from the blog.

Lucky for me I still have some of them on hard drive so decision was made to upload them again - on google server this time. You can expect more pics being posted between normal posts. The ones I can find that is...



  1. What a ridiculous decision by fuckupbucket!

    Good luck with the updates

  2. Cheers and thanks!

    Lucky for me some of old pics have been stored in google pics gallery as for others - I'll just have to re-take them sometimes =/

  3. I always found PhotoFuckup a pain so I never used it, luckily.

    Nice tanks!

  4. Thanks,

    Well all the ads they added before were just annoying but now...

    Anyway last night US Jeep was painted to you can expect more pics (uploded on google) shortly ;-)