Wednesday, February 20, 2019

M1 57 mm anti-tank gun (Bolt Action)

I am Bolt Action celebrity!!!
Me! Me! Me!
Who's hot? Meeeee! No fat, centaur-ass reality show b!tch but meee!!!

Just check Warlord Games' gallery of awesomeness!!!
And here's some more in case my infantry ain't enough!!!

Right... Ekhm...
What was is supposed to be about?

Ah yes, an anti-tank gun.
Some time back decision was made to put my medium mortar and it's crew on a single, 60mm round base:
for me it's simply easier to transport, there's no need to search missing (deserting...) crew members while packing for battle and which more (actually: most) important - looks better.  

While preparing army for battle I always try to provide my trusty troops with some anti-tank punch. Medium 57 mm gun maybe is not something spectacular, but it's at least fine for blocking part of the battlefield. Enemy usually thinks twice before parking a vehicle within it's arc of fire. Shit happens after all.
Besides when there's no other hope (and gun around...) you can also use it against infentry: 1" template! Ha!

The cannon was actualy painted over year ago, but there was only single crew member attached to the base, so the loaders can be easily taken out after suffering casualties. But I didn't like the final result (just like in case of mortar), so small bases were ripped off and all models now befefit from gun shield.
And much better look.

Must say that we, Bolt Action celebrities, care about good looking ^^
Also some bits of wood were placed on the front (hopefully for even better cover...).
The job was quick and easy, must keep that in mind while working on another mortar / artillery piece:

Next thing coming:
something old...


  1. Nice work, I agree they look better on a single base.

    Also congratulations on becoming a celebrity. Don't forget your old friends!

  2. Very nice work, both painting and doing such a good base for this bad boy.

  3. @Warburton: I'll sure mention about you during interview for MTV =p

    @Le Caillou: Thanks dude! ;-)