Monday, June 8, 2020

FULLY PAINTED Bolt Action US army

So looks like it finally happened:
after few years of gaming my US army is fully painted and ready to spread democracy among gaming tables, with fire, explosives and air raids!

I had little somthing to write about every unit in the force but now, looking at them presenting together I am just glad whole project is finished. 
Can't remember I've been taking army pics every before but really like that crawling mass, reminds me good old Sudden Strike RTS. If anyone's interested buildings are from Black Grom Studio. And if you want some close ups check the labels under post or on the panel (there's 200 letters space limit under posts).

Hope you like the family shots:

And some pics from the painting station. Finally got the reason to clean it up...

I wonder if such a mass is sellable at all...


  1. Wow, most impressive!:O
    Congrats, I think this project is amazing!
    But... 'sellable'?? Oh, you must keep them!!

  2. Cheers!

    @Suber: Well, there's not enough space in my new place so I am considering different options ;-)

  3. Beautiful work! A most impressive force!

  4. Sell out those 'democracy spreaders' asap. So I will get to see moar old warzone stuff arround 🤓

    BTW did you ever considered to add 'weird war" flavored minis to your bolt action?

  5. Hehe, cheers all!

    @javi: I like all that weird was set up but no one is interested in this here apart from me, sadly...

  6. Very nice army pictures, the mass effect transmit fairly good vibs :) Bravo !

    1. Thanks Nici,

      Much appreciated, oh Master ov ye Oldhammer!

  7. You ok buddy? No posts in almost a month... World's got so crazy this year I started missing people sooner than usual.

    Don't bother to write a thing in case the answer is you painting more historical instead of intense shoulder passerby manliness 😎

  8. Heh, cheers mate - I'm fine phisically.
    Last week (whole week!) I was having legal training exams.
    That was such a fistf#cking I can barely sit at the desk!
    Oh well, I am now waiting for the results - should apperar in about 3 weeks.
    Grinding my teeth. biting my nails... =/