Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gift model #2 found new home today!

plague juve


the time has come: it's Sunday so the blog has to grow*!

So first of all - evil robots were sold and sent to new owner. That wasn't any spectacular business but I couldn't expect more for tabletop paintjob on such uncommon miniatures ilke EM4 droids. I think one day I'll get box set of necron warriors from WH40k and give them a try: according to the rule of Ebay GW shit is always good idea for auction.

I also received mounted lord I won on auction 2 weeks ago - it was washed off and prepared for priming. I only have to decide if I want it to be Nurgle character or maybe Chaos Undivided for a change: the second option seems to be tempting but Nurgle stuff always sells well. In fact if I ever decide to start collecting Warhammer faction it will be warhost of Lord of Decay for sure. Which reminds me there's still oldschool palaquin of Nurgle waiting for paintjob...

The last thing related to internet auction is Fallout I put for sale got the bid. Great news especially after I for upgraded version of the game =)

Rrright - now it's high time to write about something interesting: painted metal solider :D
Today the friend of mine (heya Beetle ;) ) got model I painted last week - it's captain of Bauhaus, old model from Warzone range. When we were starting wargaming Beetle was commanding Bauhaus force so I thought this model should be great souvenir - and it actually was :)
The sign on plinth says something like "Old buddy for old buddy" - short and clear.

plague juve

I was also trying to take some close-ups - hit the photo below to take a closer look on the model.
The sculpt is pretty poor (play-doh cloak...) yet I was having lots of fun playing Warzone and I'm quite sure I will paint something from this range after I paint 2 gift minis left (I think one of them will be sent next Friday so please be patient "T" ). I even think I could try to arrange small diorama using these old minis...
Anyway - here's the photo :)

plague juve

There are also 2 more hobby news:
You've probably noticed there's new button on the left panel of the blog: it's link to the source of plinths I use for minis. The site is down at the moment because of some technical problems but according to informations I have it should work fine in about a week.

And last but not least: I probably will be involved in painting minis for new post-apo game 8)
It's just a teaser so I'm not gonna say anything more until I see models on my desk ;)

Take care and see ya!

*just like my muscles after starting using new whey ^^


  1. I think your terminators would have done much better with better photos. Sorry to say it but the ones you used were way too bad.

  2. Agreed but I just wanted to get rid of them fast which I did :)
    Although I am aware of the problem of sharpness of my pics: using Gimp or PS sometimes makes pics look unnatural.

  3. Photos of the captain aren't bad. The terminators were presented so badly that I wouldn't buy them for anything else than the value of models only.

  4. Warzone was pretty cool, especially the fluff. I played the first edition a bit and then switched to painting only. This sculpt (like most of the WZ minis) is quite crude but at the same time it has a lot of 'character' to it.

  5. @Mahon: you should see the captain in the flesh: highlights and scrathes aren't so striking white. And as for EM4 termies - they have now new master so the case is closed ;)

    @Viruk: same here! Somehow after WZ 1st ed. we started playing WFB and concentrated much more on painting. How's MA going btw? ;)

  6. WZ1 ruled, the fluff, minis, stories within the rulebook (in Polish!), really great stuff.

    As far as the MA is concerned - here's the answer ;)