Sunday, June 27, 2010

School's out!!!

plague juve

Hello gals 'n' guys!

I hope you were having great week. If no - we'll there're still 2 hours left to do something about it ;)
As for me - it was busy time, unfortunately not because of hobby shit :(

So let's start!
As the title of the post says my Univ is practicaly over: yesterday morning there was the final exam (I passed it on 4 or B - in US) and next Friday afternoon I only have to defend thesis of my final work. I think it will be just a formality.
So part of the week was spend on some minor preparations to the exam and the other part on struggling with online store software. Yup - last night we started testing 3rd version of software and I DEEPLY hope this one till be the final...
Speakling of it - tomorrow I hope to send official letter to the provider of the software I got: English module is totally fucked up and the cocksucker didn't even bother replying on any of emails I sent to him!
I'm gonna write him I want my money back since he turned out to be such a fucking ass and he can take this goddamn software with him.

But let's not forget it's a hobby blog and talking with cocksuckers ain't part of it so just to come back on tracks here's the mini of the week - wolfen zombie.
Because I had not much time for painting all I did was rebasing the piece - long time ago I got 3 zombies and hoped to paint them and sell on Ebay fast but somehow painitng process turned out to be some neverending nightmare. Anyway I sold one of them, another is just undercoated and this one (painted long ago) - well next Friday this one will be gift for authorities of faculty I finished. Of course it will get decorative plaque so they know who was the author and who can assemble model if any accident ever happens ;)

plague juve

I'm saying it once again - during last year of studies I was having great time, learnt a lot of useful stuff and I thing it was mostly because of teachers who were able to turn such mysterious thing like real estates valuation regulations and procedures into something understandable.
Congrats guys - you made Demi a happy and smart zombie!

The next mini presented tonight is my old conversion - ork "buggy".
I remember a few years ago I purchased some painted Gorkamorka minis - I wanted to save some cash so I thought it was a good deal. One of minis was plastic GM trukk.
It turned out liguid I prepared to wash paint off was far too caustic and most of the vehicle simply melted... I saved as many parts as I could, built simple frame and started adding saved parts. On pics below you can see results of this compulsory experiment.

plague juve

Last thing related to hobby is sad news: because the tattooist became a father we had to delay finishing Great Cthulhu from 5.07 to 16.07 so the Ancient One will be not complete for 2 weeks more! Oh well - he waited so long that 2 weeks shouldn't make a difference.

What next?
Well I want to finally start the site and finally paint models which have been waiting on the desk for so long: palaquin, troll and chaos lord. Next Sunday I hope to see something painted and this time for MY glass case ;)

Later all!

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  1. Great work on the ork vehicle. Now that you don't have to worry about school you can spend even more time to enjoyable activities like this hobby :)

    Looking forward to the next update!

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