Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heil Nurgle!


Hello again - for the last time in July!

As almost always there was something goint on in the hobby area so let's start!
First of all I finished assembling the very first military model in 1:48 scale: Autoblinda AB 41
It was actually one of a few military models I ever built yet is was lots of fun: model can be used in post-apo skirmish games, all parts were nicely casted so therere's only painting left:
I want to use desert painting scheme and test some new weathering tricks yet definitely don't want it to turn out as most of things I start weathering...
Bad news is painting will have to wait beucase I need to get some more paints for this model and because of short vacation next week - all painting plans are delayed.
But after coming back there will be some wooden bases waiting for me and one of them should fit the model really fine!


Another achievement was bringing the palaquin almost to the end: it's nearly done but I cannot finish it until I get some new bases: I want to see it in kinda swamp scenery and cannot do it now and somehow move on new base later :(
As for model - I am more-less satisfied: I wanted to paint it for a long time, too bad the trone sculpt is pretty poor. Yet it was one of my big painting plans for 2010 so yay for me :)
Besides thank to the fact palaquin is (nearly) done I can paint some side project: necrons warriors from SÅ‚awol or something for my mysterious miniatures provider...
After I put model on base I'll surely add some more blood and probably some glossy coat on the goo coming out from trone's back. What do you thing about it?


What else? The tattoo is healed in 95% but there are still pieces of damaged tissue on it so the photo report about getting inked has to wait once again. But no worries - you will see it for sure!
Apparently that's it for now - see ya in 2 weeks!


  1. The armored car looks excellent. Are you going to put it on a base for gaming, add a removable plinth, or use a non-removable plinth?

    Will you be using historical colors on it or will you let your imagination run wild?

    Good luck with it!

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

  2. Thanks man!

    I want to put in on one of new Plinth Country wooden bases so I hope it to be display piece rather gaming - but it's still nothing 100% sure.
    I'd also like to paint italian WW2 desert colors but I don't know if I am able to resist urge of rusting... ;)