Sunday, August 15, 2010

Autoblinda nearly done!



The week is ending so there's a time to sum up hobby activity from last few days.
The biggest achievement was finishing (well... let's say in 90%) the first military model I painted for ages - Autoblinda AB 41.
It took me one day to paint the thing - I think all I need to add is some shading and of course desert style base! I am quite surprised I was able to paint at all - I was being haunted by horrible hangover for most of Saturday but all in all such thing seems to work like a decent motivator ;)
I tested some new colors purchased last week on the AB 41 and I like them so much I am sure I will paint another vehicle sooner or later*.


On wip shots you can see one of new bases added to the store today afternoon - these are made of oak and I like them so much I can't wait to base another large model :)
I also added another painted model to Plinth Country gallery - the palaquin unfortunately pics turned out REALLY screwed up so I'll try to take new ones withing coming week.


Last week I also won 2 internet auctions which means:
- I will have something to paint \o/
- I will have something to use plinths for
- I will have something to kick out on Ebay ;)
Stuff I got is dreadnought from AOBR box (which will be converted into Chaos vessel*) and Chaos lord - which has already been washed off, cut, pinned and slightly converted.

What else? Works on tutorials module for Plinth Country are going fine and with a bit of luck the thing will be finished next week. So I will be able to finally add the articles from the blog.
That also means I will have proper place to put new article about building sci-fi display base!
Building part is finished as well as texts for it - all I have to do is paint it and reveal to the hobby world!

Looks like that's all for now - see ya next weekend!

*definitely sooner ;)
** if Chaos it must be Nurgle =)

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