Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 bitching...

Hey again, in the year of apocalypse.

This year hasn't started they way I wanted, in fact is started pretty crappy (mostly in hobby matter) so the log starts with bitching.

I am mostly pissed because we already had an extended weekend here (3 days long) and we had not a single game played!
For fuck sake! Preparing table last year took pretty lot of time and effort, the campaign has been planned and my Necromunda sparring-partner decided to leave for heavy-drinking trip.
Oh well - let's just hope he was having good fun, because I fuckin' wasn't.

What else? More bitching!
Last evening I sent the payment for the real estate appraiser exam in March - papers will be send today or tomorrow. Exam is pretty expensive, fucking hard and the statistics ain't promossing...
But like I wrote: the ministry got the money so the Rubicon has been crossed. There's no other way but trying to learn as hard as possible trying to pass the shit asap.H ere's what is to be sent: whole the shit alltogether is over 2,5 kg brick of paper:

...containing a year of typing shit.
I am really happy this stuff has finally left my place.

But there's also funny piece in the whole bitching - cake:
some time ago I found the very first Warhammer model I painted ever for my buddy from high school (yeah, is was so long time ago - about 1997 iirc).
The guy was throwing away all old minis he got so I decided to adopt some of them and found this little dude. It's so damn ugly yet I am really happy I found it so not it stands proudly in the very middle of my display case :D

And the last hobby thing - I started assembling the buggy!
Sadly I don't think I will see it painted anytime shortly but I want to see it painted really nice and even got the idea for the color scheme and of course - nicey base. I think after the exam I will take a week off, hide in the deepest basement with paints and finish the toy.

Hope the next time there'll be less bitching and more miniatures.
Take care!


  1. OI! You revived your blog and never told the bugman!! That ork buggy looks sweet man.
    Good luck with the exam and break a leg.

  2. Cheers - I will probably need to break everything to pass the shit.
    Everything includes the fluffy juju... =(

  3. If its a female teacher you could give JUJU a better use XD

  4. Well the exam is runned by 5 members council.
    I doubt I can draw 100%-chick board but even if to get there you must be very advanced and experienced appraiser (read it: old'n'ugly) and my JUJU wasn't made to struggle against old wood =p

  5. What I really need is staying out of veneral diseases and spinters in the JU ^^