Saturday, January 28, 2012


That's it! I am pissed and it's getting worse every fucking day!!!

Over month ago I had a plan to write about very first 15 minis I purchased, Chest of Colors mini exchange and quick report from the Necromunda game but have no strength for it.

I am fucked trying to prepare for the fucking exam but seems to be impossible with 4 months old kid aboard.
Worseluck the whore I share office with is taking a week off so I had to give up plan of spending whole March browsing papers for the exam.



  1. Well if you have cute whores on your office you have to make them pay!

  2. Yesterday I came to the office and what did I see?
    Than stupid bitch sitting at the desk all happy! =/
    I told that fuck unless she takes the week off NOW - I will do it.
    5 mninutes later I was on the way home - the month of learning torment has started...