Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fabius Bile & Plague Marines


Last month wasn't generous for the hobby (both painting and gaming sadly...) for some mostly stupid reasons but even though I managed to finish another squad for Necromunda gaming: Nurgle combat patrol.

These were pretty much fun to paint: there are some oldschool models I got during past years and it's so good to see them out of the pile of shame finally, especially the beast ov Papa Nurgle. This one has been staggering around for many years and until now I didn't manage to find any use for it. Let's be frank: no matter how much I like whole Nurgle fluff the sculpt is just bad. 
Buuut it fits nicely the rest of rotten company. Besides I should be able to adopt it for Necromunda with no problem.

As for the other demons (or: daemons) there's a single 90's plaguebearer and group of Heresy blights - I can definitely recommend those models: you can choose different heads and get command group so they are great choice for alternative plaguebearers unit. Since they are:
1.out of this world
2. rotting big time
probably every color chosen for painting will fit. Mine are olive, fleshy and yellow but if I ever get some more to paint I'll give a try to black and white. I am sure they won't mind.

The marines are oop plague marines and of course - Fabius Bile, Heinrich Kemmler of 41st millenium. All models got some minor conversions just to make them more unique, gathering all those damn bits in junk box has finally paid off.
Hope you like them. 
I think I should paint some Redemptionists to purge the Nurgle filth...

And some more thing since the post is about slaves to Darkness:
while I was painting Fabius my kid came, sat next to me and asked for a model to paint. I gave him spare metal horse I got after an old commission and the youngling started slapping paint on it.
Mostly turquoise.
But it was nice to see him having fun. The Lead God is about to welcome another cultist. Poor kiddo, how can he know this is one way road...


  1. Hi!

    Utterly fabulous work on those gribbly marines! I wish I could paint to that standard but you are tempting me to have a bash at painting up some more 28mm bits and bobs!

    All the best!

  2. Cheers dude,

    Just give a try to those rotten bastards, the supercool sculpts are great help for painting process :)

  3. I love this classic Nurgle beastie! Just too great...

  4. These are a nice little band - good job.

  5. Glad to see your lil one enjoying the hobby with you!

  6. An excellent warband!


  7. Thanks all!

    Nav: the lil'one likes all daddy's toys, not sure I like this... ;)

  8. Nice warband! Excellent mix of minis as well /Hans

  9. Cheers mate!
    The next warband planned is either Necromunda Redemptionisgs or Cobblestone's Scavengers :)