Monday, March 18, 2019

Some more Bolt Action GIs

Hello again,

This time it's just quick update about last preparations to coming edition of Road to Berlin: Bolt Action two days long gaming on march 30-31!
Last year it was just big success:
that event was just friggin awesome! I was taking as much pics as I could between giving orders to my trusty US army and rolling dices - definitely worthy visiting.

This year armies are 1200 pts strong so to fulfill the requirements I had to paint few more infantrymen and one more transport: Dodge 3/4 (a.k.a. Beep).

For uniforms I used olive combo, working really fine on US models.
New thing was using pigment binder - which turned out weird:
see that white spot on the bases with leaves? That white stuff revealed like day after models were sealed with matt varnish.
I think the reason was varnish was applied before binder was totally dry, but it's just a thought: haven't used dedicated pigment binder ever before.

Still like the team - they all look really good together with rest of my infantry:

As for the Dodge 3/4 painting was even easier. In fact, I've found painting the driver more challenging than rest of the model:
base colors were applied with airbrush, chipping medium was very helpful in getting worn look, dirt was painted with oils and thick mud on wheels is ready-to-use Vallejo stuff. Voila!

My invention was the machine gun: according to the rulebook Beep can be armed with mmg or hmg.
I prefer light version - additional 5 shots to support advancing infantry. The gun is spare mmg from M3A1 halftrack mounted on placcy stick (which actually is piece of zombie banner pole).

Gamewise I am actually considering getting one more transport like this:
regular and armed with mmg costs about 40 pts only (cheaper than static machine gun section). It can carry only 8 men but it's just enough for shock squad like full team or engineers or some veteran infantry (carrying 2 BAR and 3 smg). I guess it'll take some field testing before I write a letter to the Santa...