Friday, September 28, 2018

Paras sent to liberate France


This time there're only fresh photos of old stuff.
Last week my patatroopers found new home in France so before they were packed I took keepsake family photo of the squad.
All in all they are cool and reliable unit (and my first purchase from Bolt Action range if I remember correctly) but after year or so of playing I realised they just don't fit my vision of US force. I simply like ordinary troopers better.

Good news is the buyer already has solid paratroopers force so I am quite sure the guys will get along in no time.

What else?
Oh yeah, more pictures.

After sending paratroopers there was inspection of rest of my Bolt Action toys and it looks like there are two more pieces which I don't use too often, which could actually be changed into something fitting ground force better.

First one is M3A1 halftrack:
solid combat taxi, big enough to cary full squad of infantry:

The next one - M3A1 Stuart:
nasty piece, really: pretty cheap in points and armed with deadly flamer: 12" of range + 9" advance makes it just terrifying:

And mentioned before these were painted a while ago but in my opinion both look way better on printed background, than just standing on my messy hobby desk.
If you are interested in any of these from me a message or visit FB Bot Action buy/sell group for M3A1 halftrack and for M3A1 Stuart.

And finally paratroopers - good luck in France!


  1. Replies
    1. Very nice... good to clear space for new stuff sometimes :)

    2. Definitely, as soon as it finds new owner I'm getting M7 Priest: mobile artillery :)

  2. Wonderful vehicles (love the halftrack) and units, great job!

    1. Thanks mate!

      Some more Bolt Action is coming shortly and then - Great Unclean One! (hopefully...)