Sunday, April 7, 2019

Some more real estates on the battlefield

Hey again,

Looks like our Bolt Action battlefield is more-less complete:
I think at this stage we have all terrain features we need - thank to invaluable support from Black Grom Studio. Sure, there are things I'd still like to add (river, bridge, small bits to make the scene more "alive") or modify (woods, hedges, roads) but it's nothing urgent.

So the last hdf constructions added onto the field of glory are tiny huts: nice, useful, quick & easy to assemble. Assembling the bits takes some white glue, as for finishing walls and roofs - the walkthrough was posted bit earlier.

That's it for now. Must say it was cool thing to work on terrain pieces intead of miniatures (for a change). Lesson learnt: it takes much less time than it might appear to prepare nice looking bits of terrain for the battlefield, all you need is simply start.

The dirty piccies:
Building are still on the hobby desk assembled, weathered and heavily sealed (these are gaming pieces after all). Models for scale purpose:

And current battlefield including new buildings. Looking forward to face Nazi paras there and give them lesson of US democracy!