Monday, October 7, 2019

Bye-bye Mr Game Table


About 2 weeks ago I moved to the new place. Time in between was spent to adjust the place, get some furniture (like upgrading miniature display cabinet...), get the paperwork done etc.
Lots of things I really hate yet necessary to begin anew.

While I was unpacking first part of miniatures last Saturday I got some pics of my modular game table. I've almost forgotten about that thing!
In June (or so) I realised I was lacking space in the gaming spot - the space was consumed by 10 post-apo modules, 24"x24" each, which were laying unused for way too long.

I still have lots of memories related to this thing: mostly about building it but lots and lots of gaming took place on it: mostly Necromunda and (old) Warzone.
The table has been useless for like 3 years now, mostly because of Bolt Action, but also we found separate terrain pieces more comfortable to store and use than pre-made modules.

I had no heart to simply throw it away but a while back it turned out some local guys play sci-fi stuff on regular schedule, so decision was made they will adopt my monster-baby. I asked them to take some pics after installing table in the club and that's what I got on Saturday. 

Fare well Mr Game table, you will be missed!

Pic I took while packing the thing to the car. 
I told the guy he's gonna take 2 rides to deliver all parts ^^

The table is fully operational in new place. 


  1. It looks great but they are so unwieldy now.

    Mine had to go to and I was gutted to see it go.

  2. Cheers dude, know that hard feeling :)
    Hope to edit and update this post with oldie cellphone pics (yup, cellphone - not smartphone!) from building it.

  3. Excellent--always good to see things getting used!

  4. I am hobby-recyclist!
    (Or recyclinger - whichever sounds less horrible)

  5. Man, I hope that wonderfulastic table will force they painting the minis!

    Oh the sexy. Last time I was asked to do so or get holidays... I choosed paperwork, cause it is holy days for me. Not really. But hey, hope you get your shit together soon in your new place.

    Maybe that leap out of your (anyone's indeed) comfort zone will spark some crazy creativity. Will this be a new chest of colors-like era? That was the time when I was like "oh snap, look at that crappy Tim Prow model. It looks prettiest than the official paintjob".

    Never give away your paints, never give up painting!

  6. Hehe, yeah - using unpainted toys on painted battlefield is just passe, hope they grab the brushes shortly!

    And thanks for kind words, really.
    Didn't expect recieving such a support from the web but it was so much helpful dealing with what was going on.

    As for CofC - don't think there's any chance to reanimate that community in formula it was in it's golden days but the group is still active on FB.
    And as for "ugly" (or what I wwather call them: "less popular", "oldschool" or "unappreciated") models I still have lots of them and deeply hope to start working then the paints move in.

    First one is gonna be conterted Gorkamorka/40k converted orky smasher-bot ^^

  7. Oh, I've been there, it really sucks. Good thing you found a home for the board. Such a beauty deserves that!