Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Now that's what I call advanced necromancy!

That clanky thing below has been waiting for some paintjob more than 10 years, that's for sure. It's been staggering around and there were few times it's almost been dismantled because of it's precious, oldie parts and bits...

It's old shit, and each and every piece of oldie crap I possess has some story to tell.
As you can see there are some bits from Gorkamorka stuff. Story is back, back days I tried to start orky warband and even got some second hand models - all painted. 
In fact they were like drowning in paint... 

It was not a problem to wash metal models but there was also placcy trukk.
Those days I had no idea breaks fluid does miracle on painted models and I was using really strong pipes cleaner instead... Usually it was ok but this time I prepared WAY too strong mixture and the plastic mostly melted...

No more Gorkamorka for poor Demi =(

But some time later I gathered the remains, added some more vehicle parts and attached it onto cardboard box I've made. Some pins and glue (lots of glue actually) and voila! 
DAKKA-BOT was ready.

No idea why it took me so long to get it done, probably because I don't play anything from GW nowdays, and never had much in common with orks.
But it's finished so one more model crossed off the neverending list ov shame.

Always liked "realistic" painting style more than what GW shows in White Dwarfs so tried to keep limited palete on this one. The model was also perfect candidate to test chipping medium on large surfaces.  

So hope you like it and seeya next time!


  1. That is a fun model, and the paint job turned out nicely (even if you eschew the party line on color)

  2. Was supposed to me no-doubt ork mekboyz job! =D

  3. That's pure Ork style in all its glory! Fabulous work! I find it a little bit boring when I see everyone having just the same standard Ork models. This piece is unique as it's supposed to be, and with a different paintjob, so this is an absolute winner for me! Congrats!

  4. *blushes like little zombie girl* ;-)

  5. 10 years old you say? Bitch please, I just painted a dude I started 20 years ago.

    And it's over 9 thousand!!!1!!

    I really know how does it feel mate, but I'm glad you kicked this guy's ass out of the "to do" bin.

    Love the weird stuff like it having wheels instead of feet, etc.

    Not sure about the color choices, as from afar it's hard to tell whether it chipped off and rusted or really was orange painted and has been through heavy chipping.

    Anyhow, great stuff as always.

  6. Thanks mate, really appreciated!
    As for color choice it was chipping test before applying more-less same colors on Bolt Action tank ;-)