Sunday, April 5, 2020

Immaculate fury

God I'm bored...

Whole that waiting for house arrest to be called off makes me dig out and paint more and more weirder minis...
This time immacutale furies have been dragged onto the painting station.
Three of them accually, 'cause the most reddish has been painted over 4 years ago.

There are some warm memories about that specific model:
this and Valpurgius were my very first miniature purchase ever!
I can still remember that small bookstore in bus terminal building in february 1997...

Of all those sculpts I like the oldest one the most:
apart from nostalgic value it reflects the original artwork the best, and despite model is old - for me it's kinda sinister. It's just badass!

As for the others - no idea what mr Klocke had in mind while sculpting them (to be clear: I know he made at least one of them - that's what the tab said) but I got them just because I was collecting Dark Legion army. Not much "cool factor" and frankly - quite crap in the field.

But having them done was really nice break from Bolt Action.
Not mentioning the fact they provided some entertainment during COVID-19 madness... 

Oldschool FTW!


  1. They look fresh as fuck, I bet I am so used to them being intense red that the pale yellow with magenta hints feels cool and different.

    MC/warzone minis were so weird back at the day (subpar at times in quality terms but quite inspiring)... And the official paintjobs: Algeroth being war (as in apocalypse) yet everything looking so colorful... Red razides, blue hunters, Valpurgius dressing bright green...

    May this color scheme make them closer to demnogongis but I guess everything dark legion would look rusty, eldritch, worn and made out of stitched flesh and rags.

    BTW I recommend you watching the "recent" mutant chronicles flick. Low budget movie, loose tie ins with the source material but as a free interpretation, not bad.

    Feels like the citadel boardgame with those doom troopers going in to die.

    Old school \m/

  2. Hmmm... Actually I used to run armies led by nepharites of Algeroth or Demnogonis so that color might be result of some kind of subconcious, dark whisper - from Pluto... ;-)

    What movie?
    The one with Ron Perlman?

    1. IKR your yellowish skin recipe is well known, I remember your legionnaires as well as your necromunda scabs ^^

      LoL yeah, the Ronnie's movie :D he played a brotherhood dude...maybe? It came too late, way after warzone/mutant chronicles already fades out into oblivion.

      Is somehow a pity how the MC evolved into VOID and then into INFINITY washing the weirdness out of it every time someone does his own thing inspired by the MC.

      Glad noone tainted leviathan/chronopia yet :)

    2. Gosh, that movie was piece of crap... =/

      Had no idea VOID had anything in commin with Mutant Chronicles btw :-)

    3. Yeah it was, and cheap. I happen to enjoy trashy movies. In the end, half of the miniatures range was also crap compared to what marauder, citadel, denizen,grenadier, harlequin and other companies were producing at that time, yet I somehow gravitated towards heart breaker hobbies.

      That ties in my epic tale: the guys behind VOID (and celtos) worked for heart breaker hobbies (MC, chronopia).

      It's no coincidence VOID had multiple corporate (human) factions against 1 alien race. And infinity, well I just read they liked or missed the game or took inspiration. Go guess, a handful of (surprise) human factions and 1 alien race.

      Wink wink.

    4. Hmmm...
      No idea why haven't I got hooked by VOID when is was in it's high spirits. Infinity was quite populat in Poland from what I know.

      Oh well, maybe one day...

  3. yea the novelisation was better, but it was limited to what the movie had done. and other than coming too late to reach the fans, it was also a pointless story. 1 squad containing 1 member from each of a bunch of corporations, instead of playing with the amazingly cool theology that mutant chronicles had established and fighting "scary" creatures and zombies instead of characters. I don't know I just thought the writing was hella lazy and didn't give any room for the rest of the elements to play with it. also what fucking story? they're going out, they get attacked, they try to fight their way out. that's it. a bunch of other bad stuff happens to them, as well - but why should we care?

  4. What you said.

    Let's hope one day some Mutant Chronicles' fan-director does the proper job ;-)