Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Goblin bust

Another victim of homeoffice boredom: oldie goblin bust.

I was asked by my dad to repaint oldie model, which was painted just with metalics and has been used as paperweight in the office. Wasn't sure about that piece but must admit working on unusual model provided lots of fun.
So much I'll seriously consider adding another bust into the display case.

Back to the quarantine...


  1. Hehe, looks like an old man, like family guy Herbert the pervert OwO

    It would be perfect IMHO it wasn't for the eyes. Too human, dude.

    But wait, what's that Eldritch labeled bottle in the background ???

    I use two coats of varnish to protect my minis (and kill the shine) but protection against the old ones feels like a zeal overdrive!

    Now I know I don't have Eldritch Medium, I'm paranoid about the corners on my painting room.

    Can you hear the hounds?

  2. Hehehe, haven't noticed that until now, but true - this one should be named Herbert for sure!

    Herbert Sticky Hands...^^

    And as for sounds, not only I can hear them, but I can see them!
    Just I can heat the color out of space...
    They tell me to paint minis and do things... O_O

  3. Wow. That's impressive. It definitely has its own kind of charm. Nice work! The eyes... Yes, human indeed, but I think it makes an unsettling effect that is an added value!

  4. Cheers Sub, much appreciated!

    How's your hobby during the lockdown?
    Got bored already? ;-)