Monday, May 4, 2020

Black troll (Rackham)

"They call me the Shipwrecker..."

Hey again, once more I had opportunity to paint something nice from long-dead Rackham range. Working on Goreth the Massive was so much fun I dug out another piece from Goblins of No-Dan-Kar faction: the mighty black troll.

Just like in case of the previous Rackham piece I didn't try to reach or beat official paintjob, but rather to paint something radical different then US stuff for Bolt Action.

Fantasy stuff (especially big like this one) gives opportunity to learn and practice some new things. On this one I tried to work with oils on the armour but for me you need larger and more flat surfaces to get the right result - all in all I ended up weathering and rusting the plates.
I also tried darker pigment on the base which was imo good idea: stronger contrast with bright flesh.

Hope you like it! 

I like rusty spoons...

And the official, supercool paintjob:


  1. Porządna robota, a metaliki świetne. :)

  2. Piękna robota Demi! Zarówno rdza jak i ta skóra wyglądają kozacko! :-)

  3. Dzięki piękne ;-)

    Modele z Rackhama to jedne z tych zabawek które wręcz pomagają w malowaniu: każdy opowiada jakąś historyjkę.
    Choć powoli odczuwam przesyt kolorów i chętnie znowu pobrudziłbym jakiś czołg... :-p

  4. Excellent!
    It's funny because just yesterday, I had a look at my own Black Troll, which is still in pieces without any work on it... Impressive mini, you did a really great job!

  5. Thank you sir!

    Go for it! Model is demanding but gives lots of fun while painting. The worst thing is assembling the bottom part - requires lots of greenstuff and some tricky pinning... ;-)

  6. IMHO you beated the studio paintjob: technically speaking it's flawless executed but it lacks the tonal variation on the skin shifting from pale to blue, etc you aimed for.

    This keeps the eye chewing diverse flavored candy. True metals are also a thing here, orange rust packs a punch of contrast against the blueish green.

    Lately I'm really concerned about time spent on a mini vs time spent watching it. You spend hours on it but it's shoved by human eyes in a fraction of a second.

    So you better spend the time in something that makes the difference. Studio went for clean boxart work and you spent your time going for flavour.

    I'd rather click twice yours instead Rackham's to check for eye candy missed out.

  7. Thank you javi =)

    As for Rackham's awesome official paintjob it's just... Well it's awesome, that's what it was!
    Not only painting tricks like NMM but whole composition, the thing which make you want to look at the picture again and again. My guess...

    Hope to work on that part on the next Rackham piece (Dasyatis clone or Demon tower...). Thanks for constructive support!

  8. I really like your version, especially the rust effects on the armor. well done

  9. Thanks Anthony!

    Next time I'll give a try to sth desert-like...

  10. Brilliant work on the Troll!

    I'm always intimidated by the Rackham sculpts as they are just so detailed!

  11. Wow, that's amazing. I was to praise the skin tones, particularly the face, but then I spent some time watching those metallic and rust effects and wow, you left me drooling.
    I agree with the above comments, you made an even better paintjob than the official one!

  12. Damn...
    I am blushing as f#ck right now...

    These Rackham models get lots of positive feedback, so brace yourselves for Alchemists' Dasyatis Clone!