Sunday, May 17, 2020

US mortar section

Back to olive!

After all that colorful recent Rackham stuff finally my trusty Bolt Action force got some support. This time it was light mortar: cheap, reliable, pain in the ass unit (already love it...).

Last night there was a brutal combat between the US boys and German invaders at my place so finally I got opportunity to see long awaited light mortar in action. I also tested new way painting on that team:
it's not only about the color choice (way brighter) but the fact uniforms (trousers and jackets) were painted with airbrush and washed with oils. The general idea was to make painting as fast as possible without loosing much of desired quality. 
Must say I am pretty satisfied about the result and hope to paint whole 10 men strong similar way shortly which would make US army project closed.

Below you can see whole mortar section serving in my force. Papa Nurgle is clearly standing behind the project...

And some close ups of the light mortar - freshly fried. Looking at the photos I think some stronger shading on the trousers should have been applied but apart from that my likey. 
If anyone needs more shots of other mortars can be found here (heavy mortar) and here (medium mortar). Now back to planning...


  1. Noooooooooo!

    Back the olive drabness and the Panzer grau-tastic stuff.

    Despite I tend to love colorful stuff better I like the final result on these.

    I always loved more than 1 dude in the same base.

  2. Hm, these look more than nice! This is brilliant, I like the overall aspect and how they look!

  3. Hehehe, cheers guys! =)

    @javi: Good news for you - my adventure with US army is reaching the peak, I am selling some unpainted infantry left and don't think I'll be expanding the force anymore.

    Instead I might start early war French army and painting latest mortar was kinda field test. When the time comes I hope to get units done as soon as possible - there'll be lots of inexperienced cannon fodder! =D

  4. Great work, the bright figures "pop" a lot more on the table--they look really good.

    1. Kym, must say until you mentioned it I haven't looked like this on my force. You are actually 100% correct!
      Mean, haven't realised I paint infantry dark until light mortar was added!
      Therefore the final unit is gonna be bright and colorful as x-mas tree! =D