Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mercurian maculator (Warzone)



While still looking for some missing zombie soliders for Undead army the decision was made to paint something slightly different from deaders or Bolt Action stuff.
There's been oldie Mercurian Maculator model (Warzone 1st edition of course) staring at me from display case, long enough to deserve some care and attention.

I must say I fell kinda connected to many Warzone models from that age since this was our very first miniatures game etc, but sadly there's no story behind this one:
I got the piece long after original Warzone was dead just for collecting reason but even during golden time of the game Mercurian maculator was poor tactical choice compared to, for example, Praetorian stalkers...

By the way - can you see the picture above? If so apparently mercyful photobucket changed it's fucked up policy...

So back to maculator:
I'd really love to see it in action sometimes (about once a year we play classic Warzone game) but looking at such model standing among crowd of Dark Legion infantry in display case is already rewarding. This piece is clear example of what happens if supercool artwork (Paul Bonner after all) meets, well, not-so-supercool execution...
There were lots of such "hybrids" in Warzone, but then again - I think it was just part of "charm" of the game.

The model was painted differently from Bonner's vision, 'cause I wanted it to fit Demnogonis style army. Painting is easy and nothing spectacular: some base colors applied with airbrush, some glazing and washing, details and voila! Ready for killing!

And one more thing:

Initially I didn't plan to mention about it but it's something slowly boiling in my head.
Last week I read polish Bolt Action forum is about to be shut down shortly.
I think I've actually expected it would happen one day: it's rather small community, there were much less posts published recently and most users use Facebook for sharing hobby progress, galleries etc.
I think it might be understandable: FB is more and more popular and it's way faster to check what's happening on the wall, than visiting other websites.
Even though in my opinion Facebook wall is just big fucking mess.

But for fuck's sake, that forum is ANOTHER site being shut down because of what?
Social media? People's laziness? Or maybe there's just too much shit available in the webspace so there's no room for "small" sites?

I won't allow such thing happen to my bloggy.
Nevaaaaaaaah!!! My spam stays where it is!!!

Phew! I feel so much better now!


  1. I can't see the picture so Photobucket is still arse.

    I love the big'un. He looks fantastic! Warzone passed my by when I was a teen. I've only really seen painted examples on your blog. Well, I tell a lie, I've seen painted one's, but they looked like shit.....I don't count them.

    I was directed to Prince August last year by some gaming buddies and that is a veritable treasure trove. There are some odd sculpts in the range I'll admit, but there are still plenty of great one's too.

    Your really doing justice to the sculpts with your brush work. Keep it up Demi :)

  2. Fixing now + thankully Stalkers were moved to WZ gallery before photobucket did the thing...

    Thanks a lot for such a kind comment, there are still many models waiting for painting in my possession so hope you'll also enjoy the next one coming :)

  3. That last pic is killer man!! Really good job on the Maculator, no need too many more attention to look great. I have the huge one the released for 2nd edition? I'll paint him someday I guess... Same for the Praetorian giant (can't remeber the name)

    Loving your Warzone posts :) Do you have some pic showing the whole army?

  4. Cheers Diego ;-)

    I also have that bigger one, but now I'd love to paint something for gaming purposes - my Bolt Action US force demands flamethrowers!!!

    Yeah, I had some group shots but these were consumed by feckin' photobucket ...

    But I promise to take "grouppie" when another Warzone beautie is painted :)

    1. Oh great! I've been collecting a LOT of the Dark Legion models over the last 3 years purely because of nostalgia too. But damn, I really love those chuncky models now! And the worst part if that I knew there's a few necromuntant variants and Centurion that are almost impossible to find :(

  5. Utterly loving the classic Warzone gubbins!

    Despite the sculpts being a bit chunky and rough, they have a charm to them that a decent paintjob can really bring out!

  6. Forums come and go. FB won't last forever too. But war never changes, so you may see those old metals on the battle table faster than you think...

  7. Hope so, 'cause I am about in the middle od painting necromutants death-commando!