Sunday, August 16, 2015

Preatorian stalkers family

Back again,

This time it's something rather quick: an update to keep the bloggy alive and fit.
I've been waiting for this piece a long time and it's finally in my hobby-bookcase: all 5 Warzone 1st edition rulebooks gathered in one grimoire.
I don't believe there are people playing oldie Warzone (except for Poland that is) but that's not the point: those books are filled with tons of stunning artworks and Mutant Chronicles fluff. All safe now and still fully operational - next game hopefully next weekend.

I also have some books from Warzone 2nd ed but there are still Mishima and Bauhaus expansions missing in the collection (from what I know tere were those + Capitol, correct me if I am wrong). If I even manage to gather that stuff another grimoire shall be spawned.  

There's even more Warzone this week!
After long struggle the praetorian stalkers are painted. I have mixed feelings about the team:
I am happy to see them finished - that's for sure. I tried like 3 of 4 times before with no acceptable effect, apparently some models refuse cooperation. Nasty bastards...
But now there are here - oldschool cyborgs of Algeroth varnished and ready for combat. I like them alltogether but honestly they are just some metallics + smurf faces. Not really the special look I was expecting from elite squad painted after so many years.

Hope you like them anyway.
What's new is the picture was taken under natural light only (looks like some Satandamn cloud made right side of it darker) but it turned out pretty ok - there's no light reflecting from the back wall. I think to get rid of reflections in the future I should either apply more sand/dust on the back wall or maybe paint some graffitti. At this stage it's just an idea - wouldn't like to ruin display base to quick.

And bit more Warzone abomination: brass apocalypt.
The original artwork is medicore but it's still the best thing: fluff is silly and the sculpt - not even my twisted taste. But it's still Warzone piece - old one and according to rules it's also tekron's bodyguard (Whitney Houston / Kevin Costner thing you know). I like tekron so I also like his buddies.
Once again - daylight only.

That's it for now - the Lich Lord is calling! Lots of greenstuff and pain in the ass ahead...


  1. Excellent paintwork on those classic Warzone goodies as usual and I am totally jealous of the fact you have all the first edition Warzone books compiled into one lovely hardback copy as the original paperbacks were rather fantastic but indifferently bound so pages had a tendency of falling out...

    As for second edition, I know Bauhaus got the Venus expansion but I don't know if the Mishima Mercury book ever got released which is a real shame as I liked the fact that each expansion seemed to cover a different world and its dominant force (just imagine one for Nero and the Dark Legion!)

    All the best!

  2. Cheers,

    Know that polish WZ editin was way worse than original: pages were falling off just after very first browsing, really!

    As for expansions - I know there were also some materials about specific Dark Apostoles, but this was probably something from RPG. Totally agree - Nero expansion would be just ubercool...

  3. I'm impressed if the binding could be worse than my edition! It fell apart on my first peruse and was hastily taped back together!

    Sadly I continue to be disappointed by Prodos's Warzone Resurrection and the CG sculpts they use. While technically superior, they seem to completely lack the charm of the classic Warzone sculpts!

    All the best`!

  4. Agreed:
    despite new technology used for creating models in my opinion most of them don't have smething which hooked me to the hobby: character, soul or just: "the thing".
    Oh well, at least there's still big second-hand miniatures market...

  5. Its worth taking a look at the magazines that Target released back in the day as well as they have some units that weren't included in the books as well as lots of FAQ's and warzone goodness.