Sunday, August 11, 2019

The last model on (this) Earth

In this home actually.

All of a sudden it turned out shit hit the fan. And that was the biggest pile of shit I've ever seen. The fan also kinda industrial and rotating hellish fast. You get the point.

Long story short, also excluding unpleasant details, it turned out we have to sell the flat, split with my partner and move out as fast possible.
I was thinking about it while finishing recent heavy anti-tank gun: about whole fucked up situation, last six years spent here and life and death in general.

I've also recalled the very first model painted in this place, back in Autumn 2013.
It was Nemo - Cyrnar warcaster from Warmachine game. That piece was special because it was gift for my one, true hobby foe, I've been struggling against since like 1997.

So I thought it would be kinda symbolic (?) to make the last model painted here also gift.
You know: closing the circle shit. But this time the victim will be my friend from legal training.

And the piece rewarded with exhumation from the pile ov oblivion and despair is undead legionnaire from Warzone game: true, metal model, no finecast or printed fancy shit, big deal!
I have so much heart for these models!
Not only they have lots of character which modern, "hi-tech" models lack for but also bring back lots of memories. Which makes it perfect gift candidate.

Finishing it took 2 evenings and brought me lots of fun. I tried using oils on the armour and helmet but such paints work way better on larger surfaces in my opinion. Still - did the job.

Hope you like it, also hope the recipient likes it too.
Whatever comes next from under my brush most probably will come from new location.

And one more thing since it's about the memories.
While packing my stuff (hobby stuff that is...) I've found 5 White Dwarf issiues from the 90's.
I actually got them few months back but haven't browsed them carefully yet. Nowdays you can find old WD quite cheap (if you are into collecting). Must say back days I've never been big fan of this zine but now it's great way to bring back some more memories from the beginning of hobby activity:
all those vibrant colors, the red period in chaos army, most models metal...

It's just great to have something to escape to where everything around falls apart.


  1. That Nemo was one fine piece of art. This one looks great too.

    1. What the fuck means: "WAS"?
      You want to tell me Nemo is no more? O_o


    2. He is somewhere in the dark universe full of boxes with minis which haven't seen daylight for a long long time.

  2. Dude, I only know you from this blog, watching your wonderful paint jobs. But that what you mentioned in first words of this post was shitty. I hope you will get up from all of this crap.

    1. Cheers,

      I will. One way or another.
      Looking forward to pick the first model to paint in the new place, wherever will it be.

    2. Feel the same way. Too lazy to even breath, not say to think about posting a damn comment. So sorry so far.

      Always loved your work and how you tackle old time minis.

      Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done...


    3. Woooow, now my wig flipped hard. Chit chatting with wife (Lord of All Things) your case slipped into the conversation and she was like 'hell, tell him to come have Barcelona and have a vacation, we have room enough'.

      And I thought I was the drunk one. Buddy, true story: there's people u don't even know that loves u already. Take that into account when you think u having hard times.


    4. Heh, thanks for that ;-)
      In fact few years back I've been visiting Barcelona while by brother was preparing his doctorate there.

      At this stage my all holiday plans were just smashed by latest events but I'll keep in mind what you wrote ESPECIALLY going anywhere close to far west Europe ;-)

      Best wishes for your wife!

  3. This is sad to hear and I hope you are settled in your new place soon.

  4. Not only the paintjob is great -the mere fact that you found the will to actually paint something under these circumstances is encouraging. Cheers and good luck ahead. Hope to hear good news soon.

  5. I too only know your work on your blog, but I'm sorry to hear that things have been tough and I hope they improve soon. I hope the moving goes as well as it can do. Keep up the great work on the miniatures!

    1. Thanks for one more dose of support.

      I didn't actually expect anything after throwing my shit off the mind, just wanted to vent myself, get some perspective, whatever.

      And speaking about moving - there's a nice Cryx helljack waiting for some unorthodox paintjob...
      Toruk be praised!