Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where's Nemo?

Here! In my gaming place!

Redecoration of my very own room is finished (finally!) but while the works were progressing I had to take out my whole stuff from there. The painting desk was moved into corridor but even though painitng conditions were quite poor I managed to finish something: warcaster Nemo from Cygnar (Warmachine).

The model belongs to my buddy, wargaming veteran as well, and since I kicked Nemo's ass during last game* I decided for little compensation**. Besides I really like the model (all it's versions) and painting something vivid is constantly a very nice change for me.

For the photo background once again I used display "wall" about which the tutorial was made some time ago. No idea why but taking photo using such scenery is much easier for me than photographing minis using printed background. Just check the pic below:

And this made me start thinking about building another themed background. This one works really well but taking pics of fantasy models in such enviroment is just odd. At this stage it's just an idea - haven't decided what fantasy theme could be used: some grassy plains and some stone in the back? With cave entrance? Or maybe piece of brick wall / fantasy building? With stone made street - kinda fantasy urban enviroment.

If you have any ideas - throw it in the comment. Whatever it will be it sounds like a good material to update the tutorials section :)

What else?
Ah yes - shopping. I don't even try to lie myself anymore about not purchasing minis bullcrap. The addiction is way too strong, it's been growing for many years so now there's no turning back for me.
About 2 weeks ago one of FUUK users posted list of oldie stuff for sale. All I needed was 5 seconds to send a PM to the guy. My first must have choice was set of Valhallan tank riders. Basic plan was to upgrade Chimera apc built for Necromunda campaign but then I thought it would be cool to finally see my Valhallans squad painted so I might get them new wheels (errr... tracks). Havent decided will the new vehicle be another Chimera or maybe sth bigger, like Leman Russ. It all depends on which junk can I get - it will be heavily converted so don't need brand new and overpriced EE toy.

Other models I got are old Terminator Chaplain and metal supercool hormagaunts. The plan is to add these to my planned inquisimunda demon hunter party. This will be gathering of old and cool sculpts which will be either personalised Necromunda gang or (which is more probable) will just end up in the display case (unpainted - and this is even more probable).

Thanks for reading!

* which was the first Warmachine game for about 2 years!
** that "last game" was Thursday night last week. Last night we played again: Cygnar led by Nemo vs Iron Lich themed army. It is the truth painted models fight better - all was fine until I stupidly placed the caster in front of my army and when the glorious victory was just at hand - Iron Lich got boosted bullet from Hunter jack between eyesockets followed by Nemo's lightning bold. And fucking died...

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