Tuesday, August 6, 2019

M5 3" anti-tank gun (Bolt Action)


Looks like my US force is now getting one more anti-tank piece, after M1 57 mm medium anti-tank gun and M2A1 105 mm medium howitzer.
Not that we play games big enough to require 2 platoons or I am some sort of cannon models maniac - I just got nice, second hand support weapon bundle recently.
Once again models arrived painted, but luckly neither undercoated or varnished, so washing them wasn't challenging.

After dealing with howitzer (which actually hasn't seen the battlefield yet...) I was hoping to paint something quite diffrent but I spotted painting contest running on Polish forum Strategie, so looks like there was a chance for frendly competition but even more important - getting one more model crossed off the list.

The contest rules say you have to show an least one photo from the beginning or works, at least two from the progress and the final ones. The idea is to make people show miniatures painted especially for the contest, and not toys already stuffed in the display cases.
Quite a good idea actually. 

So here's the first one:
after models was ripped off the base, washed and undercoated:

Few days later - unit commander and loader are ready for action:

Two remaining lads ready to hunt zee German big cats:

The gun - rather quick and easy work based on airbrush and oil washes:

All pieces together:

And the final result:

Another anti-tank piece means there's one over my needs so I decided to put the medium gun for sale. If you are interested by any chance - use the contact form of shout in the comment.

That's it for now, laterz!

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