Tuesday, March 24, 2020

M18 Hellcat (second take)

Hey again,

Apparently whole that COVID-19 madness got most of the globe if even reached such arse en of the world as Poland...
It's just sooo annoying but working more at home allowed me to deal with some unpainted models. Few weeks back I found new home for some of less used toys, but commander of my US force felt quite uncomfortable having no mobile anti-tank weapon, so decision was made to get another Hellcat.

The previous one was painted 2 years ago, so this time I could use some new painting tricks to make it more eyecatching. Hopefully that is.

This time it was painted using brighter color choice (similar to M4A3 howitzer) and instead of fresh mud I chose dust - that looks pretty "delicate" and natural in my opinion.
I also chose to put the commander in the turret this time - the model is just nice touch (despite he and the gunner have no legs) and I also could try some colors I'd like to see on Rangers. I want that unit look different than the rest of the grunts I field.

Hope you like it. some more should come soon, unless that fucking virus steps back... 

Handicap liutenant - no idea why the model has no legs, now it's just pain in the ass to attach it firmly to the turret...

Stay healthy!


  1. Hey! Well painting, perfect weathering job 😀

  2. That looks pretty impressive. The weathering and bleached paint came together amazingly well.

  3. Thanks dude, yeah - I am kinda proud about that color combo - works almost every time! ;-)

  4. Wow, that's quite a sweet job. Seriously, it's fantastic how natural it looks. Amazing!!

  5. We got some serious shit in our hands, let's see:

    Decals, checked.
    Crap on the tracks, checked.
    Paint chipping, checked.
    Streaks, checked.

    Really like the results, pretty convincing. The amputee is pure fun to see out of its place: chop piggy legs from a plastic toy and glue them to him. Nobody but you will know.

    Noone will understand why you laugh like crazy and sing warpigs while charging with your tank!

    The covids are watching, do not, I repeat DO NOT gap near a window. They are watching from out there. That's why we better spend our time locked in home painting and modeling.

    Be safe, hope to see lots of stuff coming to the blog in the days to come. That's assuming you follow my advice.

    Cheers man, it's awesome how you tackled the tank as a scale model yet you painted the mini as it was a fantasy piece. Lovely.

  6. And yes, my phone though it was more appropriate to write "gap" instead of the "FAP" I typed. Wise silicone bastard.

    Guess now text makes somehow more sense.

  7. Hehe, cheers Javi!

    Good idea about the War Pigs - haven't heared that for ages!!!

    Gen'rals gathered in their masses,
    Just like witches at black masses...

  8. You mentioned likeing Hellcats on my blog so thought I'd pop over and take a look and wow! That is some fine work indeed!! You may be right Hellcats are more dangerous then a Sherman.....unless mortars are around.:-)