Monday, October 26, 2020

Mordred the Damned

After painting two rather chilling models decision was made to work on something much more warm. This time I excavated supercool sculpt from Brigade Models - Mordred the Damned. 

It's the second (and actually the last...) model in my collection from the Celtos line. Don't know why this game was never popular here - the sculpts are simply gorgeous: nicely detailed and full of character, perfect for gifts. And this is the reason I chose it:

My son is getting 9 years old in a few days and because he likes playing with miniatures I try to encourage him to get little deeper into the hobby. 

Yeah, yeah... Daddy's gonna turn the kid into miniatures addict... 😅

It's the second b-day model I've painted for my firstborn - the first was Aragorn from Lord of the Rings (kiddo claims he still has it and it's still not broken! Huzzah!). 

Since it's a special occasion model I put it on plinth instead of standard, gaming base. Besides there is much more space on the bottom for some birthday wishes. Here is is:

As mentioned before Mordred is the second model from Celtos I've painted so far - the first was Cernunnos which was finished just before moving to the previous flat, over 6 years ago. The model still stands proudly in the display case (it even made it into Brigade Models gallery!) and I still like it enough to give it fresh photos - old ones got f#cked by Photobucket... 😠

Happy birthday, Georgie! All the very best from your oldschool dad! 🤡


  1. That's fantastic. Not only the paintjob -which is simply so evident at plain sight; but the whole gift concept. Lovely work.

  2. Thanx Sub!

    Looking at pics again on office screen I am sure I gotta do something about the backdrop:
    it seems to mess with the colors 🤔

  3. Lovely work! We hosted a couple of demo games back when I worked for Borders and it's a great game with fab figures. Sadly it vanished pretty much without trace when i-Kore shut up shop and although Brigade picked up the range, the rules seem to have got lost in development hell ever since.

    I really wish they could complete the range as there's a fair few gaps in it, especially the Dwarves!

  4. That would be great,
    sadly I think quite hard task especially now - when there're so many games and manufacturers. It's really hard to make such a project profitable 😕

  5. The first one is always free ;) Cool and creepy.

  6. Both games had something special to them indeed. Be it Celtos or Void I always like them models as if they were spiritual sucy of chronopia / warzone.

    Cern is simply fantastic! Love the judge death Vive the mini has even If I never envisioned him that way (on my mind Cern looks like Pan)

    Looks perfect fit for dark legion tho.

  7. @potsiat: True! I am utterly evil miniature-manimulator... 😁

    @javi: Had same in mind while painting it! That model would be also perfect character for Chaos Nurgle army! ☠