Sunday, October 29, 2017

Undead strikes back!

Hey again,

This time it's something to break camo colors of my US Bolt Action army, which have definitely dominated bloggy this year.

A while back someone reminded me about Warheim (Polish "spin-off" of original Mordheim game, still being developed!).
Some time ago I digged several undead model from ye pile ov shame and tried to assemble a warband. The project was first delayed and the forgotten (because of damn Bolt Action...) 

But since I need a break from painting everything mostly green and green, decision was made to finish the Vampire Count's warband and who knows - maybe throw it into action shortly.

Can't remember I've ever played Mord / War - heim, so don't think band built only using models I like is effective in game, but who gives a damn.
According to rulebook gang leader is a vampire, often supported by necromancer.

I've always liked idea of ugly, corrupted and rotting vampires (definitely not those cutie, wimpy bitches from popular movie), so the obvious choice was Necrarch family.
Sadly the only Necrarch I had was the guy wearing housecoat...
Oh well... It's still Necrarch...

Although vampires are powerful creatures Necrarchs are not much of fighters when it comes to brutal melee (fluff-wise that is). So Count von Housecoat dragged some of his helpers from the nearest graveyard.
First one is heavy-armoured skeleton.
The piece is definitely oldhammer and pleasure to paint. Colors were chosen to fit remaining undead servants. Not much mroe to be added about this guy: 

The other one is much more interesting in my opinion:
oldie ghoul (Gary Morley's sculpt).
Back days I used to totally underestimate these sculpts, I simply considered them ugly as fuck (sorry Gary...). Maybe because those were quite useless unit in Warhammer Fantasy Battle game - low leadership and that silly feed-rule. Something.
But it was back days.
A while back I gave them second look and realised not only they are not as much ugly as "specific" but also they are simply cool. With those weird faces those models could also be used as deep ones!

Since gouls are alive I chose mix of tan + mid grey as base layer which was highlighted with some lighter grey and pale olive. This followed by some umber and olive glazes and voila! - model is ready to search fresh graves for something tasty. 
Model turned out bit pale but it's fine - my zombies are rather dark.

And the family altogether - at this rotten stage that is.
Those models should be enough for test game but there's also a plan to expand the group by adding dreg and large (40mm base) werewolf zombie - both from Reaper range.
Hope you like it.  

And last but not least:
this month I've also painted very first human-sided model from Lord of the Rings game: Aragorn, badass king of Gondor.
Perry twins did really good job on this range of minis, they are proportional, dynamic and simply cool - especially if you like LotR movies.

Anyway this one is birthday gift for my kid: the pest is now 6 years young so there's a chance Aragorn will remain unbroken for like 2 weeks.
I hope.