Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Panzerkinder found new home

Apparently there won't be much painting from me in the next 2 months, due to my preparations to the state exams, which doesn't mean there's nothing to spam about.
There is actually ^^

A while back I put some of my Bolt Action stuff for sale - not that I came back to commission painting but there's not much hobbyspace in my new location, and these are models which are not compulsory choice in US army.
Last week fellow blogger (actually: "bloggess", 'cuz she's a girl,that's correct: a girl painting stuff, playing games and running US army!) asked me about the stuff for sale.
But instead of selling it I exchanged models below for some other vehicles - US army feels kinda sad  without anti-tank support...

You're seen these before. Hellcat got some extra dirt for new owner's special request.
Hope  she's gonna have lots of fun smashing nazis with new toys ;-)


  1. Yay! That's really kind of you!
    I promise that I will crush my enemies with them. I will be as good commander as hell that you will feel proud of me!

  2. Thats a good looking half-track, much more impressive than any German ones!

  3. Thanks guys! (and gal! ;-) )

    There are some ideas for painting another DIRTY model but that's gonna have to wait 'till spring I guess =/

  4. "Shitler smells"?

    What's not to love about those!? Minis going to someone who will be gaming with them is always good news.

    BTW I think Japanese would scream GANBARE! at you.

    Do your best pal. Hope to see you painting back soon.

  5. Hehe, cheers mate! ;-)

    That's not that I do not like them anymore, but there's not enough space for all the toys in my new place and I do not use these each and every game.
    Besides - I'll get some new shiny stuff in exchange for painted models so you can expect something definitely funny getting done about spring! ;-)