Saturday, November 21, 2020

Bloat thrall

After commercial success of the last post I decided to give my Cryx force one more ranged attack unit: Toruk's most favorite fattie: bloat thrall.

It's the third bloat thrall I've painted so far and believe - the last (how many times can you paint the same model after all?). Nevertheless each and every time I've been having lots of fun - this piece is just ton (!) of fun, despite the fact it's pain in the (fat) ass to base properly.

This time I tried to paint strong contrast colors: pale, dead flesh and dark, corroded metal to make that blob pop even stronger on the battlefield. Looking at the final pics I think some rotten blood leaking from between the stitches but was bit scared to screw the flesh.
Oh well, apparently necrotechs did great job this time.

Original base (40 mm) is just way too small the this monstrocity so I replaced it with 50 mm - which is acceptable. There's no way to pin these spider legs to the base so you need extra care (and superglue) to put it on the base properly.

These bile thralls on the first picture are for the scale, solid piece of lard, ain't it? 😁

Take care and remember to stick to the Evil Side 🤘


  1. Eeeek! What a beast! I love what you did to that skin, the purple hues are awesome.

    1. One of reasons I prefer painting deaders over living ones... 😉