Sunday, June 27, 2010

School's out!!!

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Hello gals 'n' guys!

I hope you were having great week. If no - we'll there're still 2 hours left to do something about it ;)
As for me - it was busy time, unfortunately not because of hobby shit :(

So let's start!
As the title of the post says my Univ is practicaly over: yesterday morning there was the final exam (I passed it on 4 or B - in US) and next Friday afternoon I only have to defend thesis of my final work. I think it will be just a formality.
So part of the week was spend on some minor preparations to the exam and the other part on struggling with online store software. Yup - last night we started testing 3rd version of software and I DEEPLY hope this one till be the final...
Speakling of it - tomorrow I hope to send official letter to the provider of the software I got: English module is totally fucked up and the cocksucker didn't even bother replying on any of emails I sent to him!
I'm gonna write him I want my money back since he turned out to be such a fucking ass and he can take this goddamn software with him.

But let's not forget it's a hobby blog and talking with cocksuckers ain't part of it so just to come back on tracks here's the mini of the week - wolfen zombie.
Because I had not much time for painting all I did was rebasing the piece - long time ago I got 3 zombies and hoped to paint them and sell on Ebay fast but somehow painitng process turned out to be some neverending nightmare. Anyway I sold one of them, another is just undercoated and this one (painted long ago) - well next Friday this one will be gift for authorities of faculty I finished. Of course it will get decorative plaque so they know who was the author and who can assemble model if any accident ever happens ;)

plague juve

I'm saying it once again - during last year of studies I was having great time, learnt a lot of useful stuff and I thing it was mostly because of teachers who were able to turn such mysterious thing like real estates valuation regulations and procedures into something understandable.
Congrats guys - you made Demi a happy and smart zombie!

The next mini presented tonight is my old conversion - ork "buggy".
I remember a few years ago I purchased some painted Gorkamorka minis - I wanted to save some cash so I thought it was a good deal. One of minis was plastic GM trukk.
It turned out liguid I prepared to wash paint off was far too caustic and most of the vehicle simply melted... I saved as many parts as I could, built simple frame and started adding saved parts. On pics below you can see results of this compulsory experiment.

plague juve

Last thing related to hobby is sad news: because the tattooist became a father we had to delay finishing Great Cthulhu from 5.07 to 16.07 so the Ancient One will be not complete for 2 weeks more! Oh well - he waited so long that 2 weeks shouldn't make a difference.

What next?
Well I want to finally start the site and finally paint models which have been waiting on the desk for so long: palaquin, troll and chaos lord. Next Sunday I hope to see something painted and this time for MY glass case ;)

Later all!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Giving away miniatures continues...

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Hello again!

It's another Sunday so it's once again time to spread some demi-spam into the webspace!
Unfortunately this time it won't be much of it but hey - it's still better a bit of cake than just nothing ;)

So passing week was definitrely dominated by Fallout 3... I can't say it's a reason to be proud of but these are the facts and I'm not gonna lie on my personal site.
When I purchased the upgraded game (Game of the year edition) and read there are 5 expansion sets included I had NO IDEA this will distract me from anything else for whole week...
One of modifications is your character can reach 30th level instead of just 20th but after I grabbed shotgun, drugs, some grenades, drugs and trusty assault rifle* and went to Point Lookout... well I knew I should get much more experience before going there.
New missions are lots of fun so if you have no idea for Xmas gift (or any other gift actually ^^ ) Fallout 3 is good investment :)

Enough video games for now - the blog should be concentrated on miniatures so let's go back on tracks.
So the first info is I got new toys: there are two of them, they are plastic and they are necron warrions from my friend Sławol from Chest of Colors painting community. I wanted to paint these metalheads for a long time but somehow saw no reason for getting whole box just to paint a single model. But When I learnt Sławon was painting whole necron army for a commission (and asked politely) he agreed to share some unused figures with good'ole Demi.
Thank you mate!

These will be painted as security bots from abandoned ship wreck or some king atomic-holocaust shelter (as you can see F3 themes are dominating my hobby now...).
And as for proper enviroment for the necrons last week I checked Hirst Arts site - these guys are selling molds for making sci-fi labyrinth in Space Hulk fashion. With these molds plus some creativity I could easily make enclosed modular gaming space with all those cameras, turrets, patrolling bots etc etc!
The idea is so crazy I WANT to do the thing! Especially I have whole room to keep such game table! The only problem is the thing would be damn expensive: ~$150 for molds + probably ~$200 for resin for a start is sad perspective for my wallet :(
We'll see: it will be long-term project and there's a chance after summer I will get another source of finance for the hobby so who knows - maybe the first game will be during Xmas time?

As for painting itself - I was a fucking slacker and I admit it.
I had a plan to paint base colors on Chaos lord and finally put the model on Ebay and also to start painting Nurgle palaquin (one ot the most characterful Chaos models) but all I did was
assembling them... Because of the stupid F3 I didn't even make bases for any on these!
But as "punishment" I decided to make 2 bases for auction model: one for gaming and other for display case. The happy client will get both of them. I hope this will motivate me to sit tight and paint instead of setting traps for deathclaws and yao guais.

But the fact I wasted most of the feek didn't mean I haven't painted anything at all!
Yup - I painted and sent away gift model #3: bile thrall and with that my Cryx force has no biles to command.
The model was sent last Wednesday morning and I thing there's a chance the recipient will get it tomorrow. Let's hope he's not reading it because I really didn't want to spoil the surprise.
Sure I could not mention about it at all but there's one tough rule here: I want to have one model finished per week (average) and I can only blame myself for playing F3 instead of painting sth else to write about :)

plague juve

Today was election day in Poland - soon we'll see who has been selected for the top idiot of the nation.

Take care!

*plus some more drugs in spare pocket

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gift model #2 found new home today!

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the time has come: it's Sunday so the blog has to grow*!

So first of all - evil robots were sold and sent to new owner. That wasn't any spectacular business but I couldn't expect more for tabletop paintjob on such uncommon miniatures ilke EM4 droids. I think one day I'll get box set of necron warriors from WH40k and give them a try: according to the rule of Ebay GW shit is always good idea for auction.

I also received mounted lord I won on auction 2 weeks ago - it was washed off and prepared for priming. I only have to decide if I want it to be Nurgle character or maybe Chaos Undivided for a change: the second option seems to be tempting but Nurgle stuff always sells well. In fact if I ever decide to start collecting Warhammer faction it will be warhost of Lord of Decay for sure. Which reminds me there's still oldschool palaquin of Nurgle waiting for paintjob...

The last thing related to internet auction is Fallout I put for sale got the bid. Great news especially after I for upgraded version of the game =)

Rrright - now it's high time to write about something interesting: painted metal solider :D
Today the friend of mine (heya Beetle ;) ) got model I painted last week - it's captain of Bauhaus, old model from Warzone range. When we were starting wargaming Beetle was commanding Bauhaus force so I thought this model should be great souvenir - and it actually was :)
The sign on plinth says something like "Old buddy for old buddy" - short and clear.

plague juve

I was also trying to take some close-ups - hit the photo below to take a closer look on the model.
The sculpt is pretty poor (play-doh cloak...) yet I was having lots of fun playing Warzone and I'm quite sure I will paint something from this range after I paint 2 gift minis left (I think one of them will be sent next Friday so please be patient "T" ). I even think I could try to arrange small diorama using these old minis...
Anyway - here's the photo :)

plague juve

There are also 2 more hobby news:
You've probably noticed there's new button on the left panel of the blog: it's link to the source of plinths I use for minis. The site is down at the moment because of some technical problems but according to informations I have it should work fine in about a week.

And last but not least: I probably will be involved in painting minis for new post-apo game 8)
It's just a teaser so I'm not gonna say anything more until I see models on my desk ;)

Take care and see ya!

*just like my muscles after starting using new whey ^^

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thesis written - time to give away some minis!

plague juve

Hello again on warm summer Sunday!

The biggest news of the week is I've finished writing my thesis!
It is 100% done (I think) but I'm not sure I like results of the researches - according to this during last 6 months prices of real estates in my region rised by ~1,6%.
Do you think it's acceptable? Are there any real estate valuers reading this? ;)
The only problem is the professor said he won't check thesis during research but only the final version so let's keep fingers crossed for that...

Anyway I finished boring stuff about Thursday and to get relaxed I decided to paint something:
I chose one of 2 bile thralls left of the squad I painted for Gone Muddin' NQ challenge.
In fact I decided to paint this puking dude as gift for my old friend with who we started miniatures hobby adventure and who is the only one left here still playing wargames. During several years of playing Warmachine I remained faithful to the beloved Cryx while my friend was changing armies trying to find the best defence against Dragonfather's iron fist. The sign on the plinth will remind him there's only one THE best army to play with ;)
Thanks mate for everything!

plague juve

I also took some pics of the model before adding the writing> I actually had to because the photo will be used in store so anything hiding plinth would be more than unwelcome. For more views of the model - justr hit the photo below:

plague juve

That's it for pic in this post but it's not the end of the news!
In the middle of the week I won mounted Chaos Lord on auction (pretty cheap I must say) so I hope recieve it tomorrow or on Tuesday. I've always liked it but somehow found all GW stuff orevpriced to get it from stores. In fact I can only admire people who pay full price for these minis...
Cheap or not - the model is on the way and I will paint it - for Ebay. My previous mounted lord
had no problems in finding new home so I think this one will also be good investment.

And speaking of auctions - I also put PS3 Fallout on auction - I finished the game 4 times so far so it's time to find something new to put into the console. Who knows - maybe Borderlands...? ;)

That's it for this week - see ya!!!