Monday, October 17, 2022


Oldhammer Weekend fever has went away. Must admit first thing painted after the event would be something Undead related, but surprisingly - something else was found on the bottom of the Pile of Shame. Funny thing speaking of this actually:
every time I take a look into the Pile I am wondering whether or not I can paint it before I die, or which models will be left untouched even by undercoat mist. Pretty creepy 💀

Back to the point.
Model I chose is larce scale (1/35?) post-apo inspired character. The moment I took a look on the sculpt and I had that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sign glowing with sick green light in my mind. Sculpt itself is fragile and very detailed - it's one of those sculpts which are just fun to work with from the very beginning.

It's not gaming model, so I gave it fancy display base. I like when miniature tells some story: 
I imagine it patrolling perilous wastes after nuclear war. Or something. 
Like "Fallout" but during winter.
Nuclear winter...

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Khorne Champion found new home

It took a while but it happened - Champion of Khorne who's been preparing for battle for many years has finally found new home. Kinda by accident.
After coming back from Oldhammer Weekend I decided to re-arrange some miniatures stanting in display cases, which means changing unused models for Undead... 😋

This one was painted long time ago but since I don't have Chaos army it's been only display case model. Really cool but not Undead...
I remember I tried to sell it before but there was no responce. This time new home was found the next day after posting the advertisment. It's surely Oldhammer magic (or Necromantic - cunning Undead lords can do everything to get some more dedicated space in Detlof).

 So farewell Mr Khorne Champion and happy plundering realms of men!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Oldhammer Weekend 2022 summary

I've just came from Oldhammer Weekend Poland 2022. 
Wasn't sure about getting there at first but I am really glad I decided to move my ass got the event, 'cause it was a blast! 🤗

Whole event started on Friday. There were lots old Herohammer-era games to be played and lots of people from "the branch" to be met (even some guys from the Crown of Command team! ðŸ˜²), but I only decided to took part in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 5th ed "tourney" and brought some stuff for painting contest - there was not much time for anything else if someone decided to run the campaign.

I had lots of fun - no doubt about it!
Especially the last time I played WFB was over 20 years ago! 😁
As for the campaign I've managed to reach 5th score and brought 2 statues from painting contest: 3rd place in large model category for Warhammer 40000 Carnifex and 1st place for the best army! 😲 That was surprise because there were other stunning armies, and in my opinion - renaissance styled dwarves and savage orcs were true contest killers. But on the other hand - it's great to be appreciated and recognized: 
"So YOU are the guy from Elbląg, who's painting deaders!" 🤣 Here they are:

It was also great to finally meet some fellow painters, who (until now) I knew only by their works. Especially Tymon Ultraa (who robbed most of statues from painting contest 😋) and Kuba (who's savage orcs wiped the desert with my Undead).

Below you can see some of the photos I took during Warhammer campaign and between the battles. I regret I didn't manage to take a try of Gorkamorka, Heroquest and Man-o-War, but hopefully next time I can plan my time little better.

Adam and Piotrek did hell of a great job with bringing another edition of Oldhammer Weekend to existence and hope I'll be able to participate in the next of the event.

The mummy-crushers... 🥶

Undead marching towards Chaos Dwarves positions...

Dwarves defence line...

Dwarves with spears are better then skeletons without them ^^

Some Warmaster manoeuvres:

Group shots of painting contest works:

Classic Herohammer duel-photo:

Savage orcs WAAAAAAAGH! force:

Sunday Evil vs Good (well... more like Neutral) 3 vs 3 mega battle:

Warhammer 40000 3rd / 4th edition match:

Time to order some green stuff and start working on mounted wight lord for the nexxt year! 🤘🏻