Sunday, June 23, 2019

V Elblag modelling festival


This one is something rather unexpected, I should call is father's day gift from the fate.
Like on Friday or Thursday  evening I spotted info in local portal about modelling contest on Saturday and Sunday. As it turned out it was 5th, annual event.
I had no idea there were so many people interested in this stuff living nearby, not mentioning there were also guests from other regions of Poland.
According to local news there were ~100 participants and ~300 models!

It was dedicated to "pro" modellers: scales like 1:35, 1:72, 1:700, cardboard models etc, but there was no problem in bringing any otler minis.
Which I did:
I had absolutely nothing prepared for the event so brought some models I liked (for diffrent reasons) to present my stuff and probe this new, unexplored enviroment.

Models are took were:

(More about Sherman Calliope here - pics and here - building)

(Gotta take new pics of this one, original ones are hosted on damn Photobucket...)

After checking other works I didn't think my junk can score anything but in the end models brought me 3 prizes (zombie bust didn't make it tho - sorry Trowański...).
All in all it was fun, and not only I brought shiny stuff back home. Next year I hope to prepare something dedicated to the event.

I also took some pics but most of them were fucked because of strong sunlight. But here's what's worthy sharing. Quality is poor - none of photos were edited (except for resizing) or enchanced:




Friday, June 21, 2019

Church of Dagon - finished!

Heil Cthulhu!

In the previous post there was Church of Dagon posse for Dracula's America - but only half finished. Since that I've managed to find enough time away from miserable life to deal with remaining models.

Any specific about them?
Not really actually - which is strange because I am big fan of Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu...

Working on both North Star and RAFM models was fun: all models are really cool, nicely casted and characterful. It was nice change from olive everywhere Bolt Action stuff.
I added quite a lot of grass tufts on the bases because we decided such a swampy enviroment fits the Church much better than sandy weird west.

That's just it I'm afraid, time for pics:

Muties and psychos:



Whole depraved family:

Next hobby thing planned is either group of OLD necromutants for OLD Warzone or another wave of Bolt Action shit. I should finally get Rangers squad...