Sunday, May 30, 2021

Post-apo war bot


This time it's something different yet something I wanted to paint for quite a long time. A while back there was a plan to create post-apo gang based on classic Valhallans sculpts. 
Sadly all I've managed to do was war bot heavy support, which was based on 40k killa kan. 

Never liked the result and was looking for an opportunity to re-do it, which just happened.

First I replaced that silly cannon with napalm drum - flamer ain't most economic weapon after all. As for painting I finally gave a try to warning stripes: the result is just cool, and I kinda regret it hasn't been painted also on other surfaces (front plate or maybe oil drum).

As for red star - the idea was to make the first neo-soviet model for skirmish game my friend's been preparing for a while. There will be swamps, nuclear glow, eldritch creatures and post-apo arsenal so apparently megaton of fun is coming! 👽


Thursday, May 20, 2021

War wyvern #2

Hey again,

Few weeks back I've finished bare war wyvern, and now it finally got the saddle but most important - greenskin rider. Although I am really glad I got whole piece done, painting the orc turned out pretty exhausting. 
Mean, while working on the wyvern was just ton of fun, painting it's master was a tar pit.

My guess is, the reason was the sculpt. Without any doubt it's supercool piece of middlehammer history, but all those details made the model kinda "messy". I think it would look much better without all those skulls for example - it's not Khorne's servant after all 😉

The beast was supposed to be painted oldschool style - which means vivid, candy colors. Similar tones were used on orc's flesh and details, but to give it some contrast saddle, armour and banners were painted bit darker. At first I wanted to use original banner but it was just way too much cuteness for my taste.
Besides black and white banners fit skeleton chariot and mercenary ogres - they are all mercenaries serving mighty von Carstein vampire lord or even maybe Nagash himself...

(Pics are oddly cut because I don't have photo background larhe enough - sorry).

Next stop:
turning Valhallan-o-killa-kan-o-mortar into something more neo-soviet and post-apo... 👽

Sunday, May 2, 2021

War wyvern #1

Apparently once again I got myself time travelling.

A while back I washed some oldie junk from the mysterious box I possess. It was pretty random mix of miniatures from the 90's. Sadly I've never seen any of those on the game table but always wanted to see them painted in the display case. Mid 90's was my very beginning in the  hobby, so I keep lots of heart for that sort of oldschool gems (check Carnifex or ogres if you also like such stuff).

This time my victim was Marauder's orc war wyvern and it's greenskin rider.
Orcs and goblins armybook was my first contact with Warhammer (thank you Marek for luring me into that tar pit 😉), so models from that period still make an impression on me: 
wavy paper banners, vivid colors but mostly those supercool sculpts. 

Assembling the piece was quite a challenge - it's 100% metal, heavy model, so to make sure it wouldn't fall apart during painting I gave it double pinning. Originally it came with standard size square base, but it surely deserves more! On custom made base I could give it some elevation and I got something solid to pin the leg to.
Besides I could use the last gravestones I had in the bits box. I have a secret plan to paint and use all minis and bits I have before I leave this planet (that's the reason of Sherman turret on Carnifex' base btw).

As for painting I am not sure I wanted to make it similar to the official paintjob, definitely wanted to see it bright and vivid - it's 90's model after all!
Don't really like posting unfinished stuff but the work pressed me strong enough I had to put the brushes away. The shaman has to wait - looking forward too see it sitting on the wyvern's back, casting spells on enemies of Gork and Mork!

Some pics:

The pile ov magic:

The beast:

Ready for painting:

The wyvern:

See ya in the past!