Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Warmaster ogres

And now it's something completly different:


I got a single blister of these tiny fellas long time ago, cannot really remember where, but they've been rotting in THE BIG JAR for like 10-15 years. Horrible fate for a miniature... 
Recently I was invited to polish Warmaster FB community and decided to excavate these guys and give them some paint slapping. Little paint slapping that is...

So here they are. Working on such models was a nice break. I also have remaining 2 bases so I think I'll get myself full unit of ogres - just in case I decided to start running Chaos army sometimes. You never know...

And while browsing content of THE JAR I've also found something which should fit role of army's general just fine: it's the gargoyle!!!
But not just "some" gargoyle, but the one from Heroquest!
Now I need to find that missing wing so it can get fresh colors...

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Blast from the past (1942)

This time it's just quick time-travelling update:

Today I dropped it my parents' home.
We were chatting about nothing special and I mentioned that apparently I lost some weight because new trousers almost fall off my ass when I walk. So I said I gotta get myself a belt.

My mom mentioned somewhere around there still should be my grandfather's belt, which he got long time ago together with US supplies (he was fighting during world war II). 
We checked the drawers and there it was!
It's nothing special: old and worn but it's not just "a belt", it's piece of history!
According to information pressed on the inside it was made in 1942 is United States by SCHNELL LEATHER GOODS CO. INC.

So from this day I am proudly wearing 78 years old piece of clothing!

Thank you, grandpa!  

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Battle report: US vs Germans (Bolt Action)

Saturday night we've finally managed to arrange meeting in the gaming den and get Bolt Action armies busy. Must say it's been quite a while since the last battle so out Frontschweinen were rather hungry for blood and sweet scent of gunpowder!

Yeah... Carbide and gunpowder... Girls love that...

Ekhm... Right...
The table has been set up over month ago and we wanted to finally use Black Grom Studio iron bridge (and it's bloggy - for any news). Actually most of buildings you can see on the table are also Black Grom's - definitely recommended!

As for the bridge ssembling was easy as pie (or like opening a beer in our case...).
I wanted to make is rather striking so painted it "railway" style: muted greens heavily covered by chalk (dry pigments) and washes. Quick and easy.
In fact waiting separate layers to dry took longer than painting itself!

Here are some close ups - allied infantry and heavy piece are testing it's structural strength:

As for the battle:
The idea was to have some fun and make the report, therefore both armies had to be painted.
My opponent isn't much painter so this time he was commanding my brother's fully painted, 100% wysiwyg and 200% badass panzer grenadiers. Huzzah!!!
On my side - US invaders as always.

Germans forces:
- leutnant
- 2 full grenadier squads, carrying 2 panzerfausts each of them
- 1 small veterans squad carrying 2 machine guns...
- field air observer
- medium howitzer
- sniper team
- panzershreck team
- medium machine gun team
- motorbike + side cart
- hetzer

- first liutenant + henchman
- medic (fun game, remember?)
- evil priest
- 2 squads (2 BAR each)
- 1 engineers squad mounted on Dodge
- bazooka team
- heavy mortar
- heavy anti-tank gun (first time in the field)
- jeep equipped with mmg
- sherman 105mm howitzer

The place of battle - pics taken my spy Messerschmitt plane:

My opponent rolled for a scenario: we got meeting engagement.
Not much to comment: general order is to kill as many guys from the other side as possible.
Take no prisoners!

Turn I
US infantry squad gets into the building, behind which get the commander, medic and priest - for both medical and spiritual support. Near the river anti-tank cannon and heavy mortar roll in trying to get control over center of the field.

On the opposite side anti-tank and sniper teams get behind bridge structure while medium machine gun squad takes cover in the pillbox.

In the corner Germans set up the howitzer to get control over the buildings, while veterans run trying to hide in the nearest shack - waiting for US inevitable assault.

Turn II
I had quite a lot of luck at the very beginning of the game!
My advancing infantry jumped into the next building trying to step away from clear line of shot of the howitzer  (which missed this turn!) and getting ready to deal with veterans.
Whole HQ was following them - some extra bandages (and prayer to the dark gods like this one) should be more than useful when Germans start shooting...

There were not much targets for US support weapon so mortar launched the shell in the air...
And directly hit the veterans killing 4 of 6!
Seconds after - another unbelievable shot: anti-tank cannon scored a hit on panzerschreck team removing them from the game! O_o

At this point shit got so thick the German commander had to step it taking positon next to air observer, who called an air strike on US anti-tank gun...

German sniper opened fire to advancing invantry but surprisingly - medic did the job so there was only a pin marker!

Veretans tried to get themselves useful but they screwed morale test so got down waiting for better occasion to act, while Hetzer rolled in just behind them bringing doubts and terror to Americans...

Turn III
...especially shortly after airstrike arrived blowing my main anti-tank weapon to pieces! O_o

Germans got the initiative!
Sniper aimed well killing NCO trying to cover in the building. 
Just after that 2 BARs fired from the window on the first floor trying to deal with remains of machine guns squad, but all shots missed.

On the other side of the table infantry squad was called from reserves to take down howitzer's crew. Despite dozen shots they only managed to scratch it - the crew got down.
Seconds later jeep wrrrrommmed in from behind infantry and took a shot:
Three times 6!!!
I knew it was good idea to bring evil priest to the battle!
Sadly there was one last crewman still alive which made the gun functional - and deadly...

This was something Germans just could not let happen:
motorbike stepped in trying to gun down advancing Americans - but fucked all rolls!
(Yaaay! It's priest's job once again!)

But there were more Krauts waiting for the chance to take some target practice:
full grenadier squad arrived from the flank taking down half om my squad and tearing jeep apart:
no matter how evil the priest might be, his prayers are shitworthy against panzerfausts shooting at point blank range...

Still wasn't sure where to bring Sherman so decided to get Hetzer something to think about in the meantime: bazooka team moved into the brickworks deeply hoping to survive long enough to strike the panzer hard.

With high hopes for Hetzer getting down (very) soon, Sherman arrived to get rid of remaining Germans on my right flank and maybe reach the bridge afterwards.

But Hetzer also had some ideas about the bazooka...

One the right flank Sherman annihilated grenadiers which allowed US infantry to push forward trying to hit biker, but they failed because of nasty recce maneuver.

Other infantry squad did much better job assaulting remaining veterans and taking cover in the nearest shack just after the fight. Having no anti-tank weapon at disposal but with advancing Hetzer at sight...

Turn IV
Mobile artillery advanced dealing with enemy cannon and trying to get some cover behind the bridge.

It all wasn't so bad until another squad of grenadiers arrived just on my hq's back mercilessly executing liutenant and his sidekick. Even medic and priest combined could do nothing to save them.

My very last reserve was the Dodge:
this was supposed to get close the Hetzer but simply couldn't give away priest and medic easily.
Car parked just behind the building but did not much damage on the German infantry. The only hope for it and it's precious crew is starting the next turn...

Turn V
But it was Heinrich who drew the correct order dice.
Grenadiers opened fire at Dodge destroying it easily.

Lucky for me boarded engineers suffered no casaulties and managed to jump far enough to hide behind the corner. It's getting hot!

Hetzer left his nest opening fire to Sherman and infantry hidden in the building but all shots missed!

Sherman finally got itself behind the bridge killing that damn sniper team on the other side of the river.

Priest and medic got in the building trying to find some cover. These bastards cannot even attack!

Turn VI
Engineers advanced trying to torch the Krauts but flamethrower attack missed!

On the other side the buys finally narrowed the bike and took it down!

And cherry on top of the cake:
Sherman tried to score a hit on enemy tank before it uses deadly cannon but missed!

Hetzer rolled on the bridge...
The gunner aimed carefully...

And directly hit my tank! O_o
Luckly it only caused minor damage adding more pin markers.
The game was over and after counting scores - it was a draw.

Aftermatch and summary:
It was fun! That's for sure!
Having river slicing the battlefield in half was pretty challenging thing to deal with. Also must keep in mind to bring some more anti-tank weapons next time.
As for anti-tank: grenadiers once again turned out to be a blast! Strong units armed with panzefausts it one of the best things in German army.
Hope confront them shortly, I have some ideas to test...

And post battle shots (taken most probably by that damn plany which wrecked my anti-tank gun): 

Till the next time!