Friday, September 20, 2013

The moving has begun...

I've been waiting so long to say it: I AM FINALLY MOVING!!!
It's already pain int the ass, lots of my stuff is packed in boxes, there are no minis and no glass cases but next week I should be in new place with lots of space for my precious!!!

So that's just about it:
because what mentioned above and also some more that usually office work I painted nothing.
No, wait! Tonight I glazed Dark Age Raze's shirt and gloves!
Mr Floyd - you got me on the painting race this time I guess ;)

There are several minis I want to see painted just as soon as I manage to set my painting camp again. One of them is little steam-punk thingy for Battle for hope 2013. I decided to reduce the pile of toys in my room so gotta start works fast so the model is in Texas for the coming December!

Over and out for this time - the next post is coming from new home!