Sunday, September 18, 2022

Battle at panzer museum

Last weekend I a pleasure to participate in the event organised by 3-City Wargaming Association and Pancer Museum in Kłanino. 

General idea was to promote Bolt Action game and freshly started museum - which was launched on July 2022. To achieve that 6 players were invited to set up battlefields and play some games inside the museum, which was great idea: 
we could see in the flesh some of vehicles usually seen only on the table. Most of these vehicles have been restored and are working again! The museum staff was so nice we were allowed to take some pictures with the vehicles. 
Must admit sitting inside M8 Greyhound was supercool, but Ford Focus is incomparably more comfortable when it comes to spending more then 3 minutes behind the wheel 😁

So here are some big toys for big boys:

And some pics of the battlefields. There's no battle report 'cuz I was busy fighting zee Germans. Taking more quality photos was impossible with all whose bullets flying around... 

I'm really glad I decided to move my ass for this event. Such meeting is always solid power-booster for the hobby so I hope to finish some terrain features and play Bolt Action again, after Oldhammer Weekend madness is over.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Wraith (undead champion)

The main infantry unit of the Undead army has just got the command group: proper champion (wraith), standard bearer and musician. The trio travelled through time and space to get here from early 90's. As almost all models in my army wraith is pretty poor fighter but it's etheral and causes terror which both might be useful in the heat of the battle. 

I had some ideas about color scheme of this piece (and the rest of wraith unit in the future). Initially I tried to paint it vivid - Herohammer way. But instead of "noble purple" or sort of "wizard crimson" it turned out bright pink. "Panties pink"...🤢
The color was so disguisting I didn't manage to correct it anyhow so model was washed off.

Second attempt was brighter color scheme. 
I didn't want it look "ghostly" so I tried painting like burial gown or monk's habit. This combined with some washes and glazes turned out better then expected. Not sure other wraiths I have will be painted similar, but the idea of dead monks is just better then good...

As for the rest of command group I used color palette from the skeleton unit: tattered clothing, rusty metallics and of course - black and white motif on drum and banner. Must say I like the way they turned out especially placed in front of the unit. There are still lots of old models patiently waiting YEARS for getting painted - hope after Oldhammer Weekend I'll still have enough necro-steam to save another units from the pile-of-shame-purgatory 💀

Below - undead regiment invading green fields of Princedom of Elbląg 😊

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Tale of baker boy

This time it's something unusual: piece of local history.

I've been donating blood for quite a long time and here after donation apart from getting 8 bars of chocolate to compensate lost calories sometimes you get some free shit like t-shirts, mugs of similar trash. Last sime I got key chain pendant with local "hero" figure - baker boy.

From what I know in XVI century Tutonic Order was trying to put it's dirty hands on Elbląg. Knights were trying to break into the city through the market gate which hasn't been closed. The battle was on and situation was pretty bad for the defenders when suddenly local baker boy reached ropes holding the gate and cut them with his shovel: gate closed, invaders were repelled.

It is said that the shovel has been hanging inside the market gate for the next 200 years to remind citizens about deed of brave baker boy. It surely granted Leadership bonus to all friendly units within 12". Pretty useful especially if you are commanding army of peasants...

So I got that key chain but the quality was so crappy the second day the figure broke off the chain 🤣 I do not like wasting so the figure was filed and prepared for painting.
It's slightly larger then 28 mm scale infantry models so I thought if could be a statue of sort of border mark. Like: behind that statue lays land of Elbląg.

I still have to test taking pictures with "scenic" background so here it is 😊

And here are Tutonic Knights - brought back from the graves by zee evil necromancer, trying to take revenge on the local hero: 

And here's the market gate:

Baker boy statue:

And the place of final rest of the shovel:

Next post will be about a wraith, so stay tuned! 👻