Monday, March 28, 2022

Land Rover Defender (Gaslands)

Looks like I am slowly getting my Gaslands gang finished. So far there's been Corvette and Nash so the time has come for something more beefy: classic Land Rover Defender. After that there's only single bike left and I think I'm done with Gaslands stuff. For now... 🤖

Contrary to the previous wheelers this time I managed to replace all glass with mesh, so model could be assembled before painting. That made work so much easier! There's lots of space on the car to attach weapon system and upgrades, but all in all I added only dozer blade, engine block and roof gunner. That way model is still believable and doesn't recall Land Raider, Predator, Rhino or any other mooooooar-dakka!!! Warhammer 40000 crap 🙄

While painting the car was fun, working on the gunner was pain in the ass for me. I've painted models from different scales but when it comes to painting human (well... humanoid) figures I feel definitely most comfortable painting 25 - 28 mm scale stuff. Anyway - the result:

And 50-cans worth gang family. I still have spare bike from Implements of carnage upgrade set so I might also work on it if I can only find proper base:

Friday, March 18, 2022

Nash (Gaslands)

Last month Black Sunshine has left the painting desk. Must admit working on those tiny cars is much more challenging then it might appear but also brings ton of fun. So after having the first test game of Gaslands I decided to convert next model more game-wise: 
twin-linked machine guns is what every responsible driver needs on Anarchy Road...

Just like before I tried keeping conversions simple. It's kinda like painting: the less (colors) - the better result. Glass was replaced with mesh - it's badass and very post-apo / Mad Max style. Other bits were taken from Implements of Carnage conversion set. At first I wanted to replace original engine with smaller one but all in all I put steel plate and da gunzzz on the bonnet. The model got also extra bumper and conversion job was done.

Initially I wanted to paint it different then the prevoius car, but since they are part of same gang, they should wear same colors and gang marks. I like it: simple but effective. And that means all I need to get whole gang finished is painting remaining Land Rover Defender...

And here's the model before modification. Must say I like upgraded one better... 😋

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Cartel Special Agents

We have the local tradition here to play one or two 1st edition Warzone games every year, trying to improve old rules to make them more dynamic, give honour to the old times or whatever. Because I still have pretty solid supply of Warzone junk I also try to pull out some of those from the pile of shame. Last month it was squad of Cybertronic Chasseurs and Capitol's Great Grey, now the time has come for special force... 😎

I've always liked Jake Kramer - the fat one. It's pretty funny yet badass model - kinda like Gimili from Lord of the Rings. Therefore decided he would be leader of Cartel Agents death squad. It was painted first as test piece. I had general idea of color scheme in mind but was hoping for getting decent ted tone on flamethrower - failed it.

But got much better result on another Agent - also flamethrower operator. I like this one much better then Kramer (sorry Jake... 😟 ). I haven't checked but looking at face I am quite sure it's Mark Copplestone's sculpt - it's very characterful for his works. This one is wearing lots of jeans - to make it less boring flaming skull from old skeleton box was added. Biker gang style. Cannot wait to see the rest of agents - if I can keep painting standard of the jeans guy, Kramer is getting a bath.

And here are the brave agents - about to fry some necro-bacon!