Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Brickworks (terrain piece)


January belongs to terrain building, no doubts about it.
Just about 2 weeks ago I finished lasercut house for Bolt Action and now added another set, once again from Black Grom Studio: Brickworks.

Must say I've never felt any fondness for lasecut terrain pieces, always liked building stuff myself - from the scratch. But since we got some buildings for Bolt Action must admit I changed my mind a bit.

I am busy. Really, have not much time for hobby so if I want to work on minis it usually takes place late night. Preparing terrain "oldschool way" was fun but also rather time consuming so using lasercut models is just time saver. BIG time saver...

As for these below models were assembled and instead of airbrushing walls (which was initial idea) I printed brick textures (available free on Black Grom blog), cut to fit and attached with diluted PVA glue. 
After glue dried buildings were washed with heavily diluted pigment+was mixture, sprinkled with some powdered chalk and then sprayed with heavu layer of matt varnish (these are gaming pieces after all).
More-less easy as fu*k and the result is quite pleasant.

There's not much room on my desk for such a large models so here's the brickworks on our game table. Some more buildings will be added as soon as GIs staggering around desk are painted and added to the squads. 
There should also be walkthrough about assembling similar models so stay tuned.

Take care!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

M7 Priest


Looks like one more piece joined my armored force: M7 Priest - self-propelled howitzer.
In my opinion the model is just supercool and it was actually the only reason I got it - no matter how it will perform on the battlefield. 

The beautie is also my entry for coming painting contest on https://strategie.net.pl/ forum, together with medium machine gun team

Ain't that cute?
All I have to do now is build some more terrain to hide my new toy behind...


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bolt Action "House F"

Hello again,

Didn't actually think I'd have anything to show just after the Killroy post but last Saturday I've finished working on Black Grom Studio's terrain piece: "House F".

There are lots of lasercut terrain pieces available, we for this one plus brick factory and warehouse to upgrade the battlefield. As for the products they are definitely worthy recommending:
easy to assemble, all parts fit well not mentioning customer service is top notch.

As for finishing the model initially I wanted to give the walls some texture and paint it using airbrush and add cardboard roof tiles - sth like here (that building is for sale if anyone's interested). But then I found wall / roof ready to print textures, also on Black Grom's site and decided to give it a try.

Long story short: adjusting textures onto alrady assembled building was just fucking pain in the ass but the result was worth it, Really looking worward to see the other buildings done similar way. 

Hope you like it.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Kilroy was here!


This time there are two more Bolt Action pieces served:
US medium machine gun team and Warlord / Italeri wrecked house.

MMG team it my entry for painting contest on https://strategie.net.pl/ forum. There are several categories to choose, I decided to prepare unit / squad (25/28mm) and vehicle.
The first entry is Warlord Games' medium machine gun team - this time whole team has been placed on single base a contrary to another MMG painted recently: sure it's more practical to have ammo runt staggering around to mark casaulty easier, but I thing 3 models packed on single base simply look better. 
So as usually I chose more-less the same color choice to make guys fit rest of the force. Noting down colors used during work turned out to be good idea. 
Looking now at these bricks I am considering basing a single squad on city rubble - to make them pop on the battlefield. The only problem is models I use are "pre-slotta" which will make basing rather pain in the ass.
Most probably.

But still it's better idea to give a squad specific, coherent look than just painting jackets with another tone of olive.

Full MMG section ready to defend my painting station against German invaders! 

As for the terrain piece it's been at my place for quite a long time - over 1,5 year now so it's good to  finally see it finished and in use, sheltering my infantry.
As well as other infantries fighting battles in the gaming dungeon.
Like those damn German mini-units containing 2 light machine guns...

Initially I had not much of an idea for painting this until getting oil paints. Must say I love these - not only for painting vehicles, these paints are perfect for buildings:
base colors were painted with airbrush and quite large brush, then came brown and black oils and for the final dry pigments. And of course Kilroy! All fast and easy.

I am now preparing another wrecked building hoping to see oils in action again, but in the meantime:

And the last thing - quick annual summary:
2018 was busy and hard. At work, hobby and emotional level and sadly I don't think 2019 is gonna be much better for me.
As for the hobby statistics during the just passed year I painted 33 models and played 18 games (while in 2017: 53 models and 19 games). I think my newborn kid is the one to blame for such a result but since she's over 1 year old now I am hoping to find bit more time late night which I could spend on the hobby.

Over and out!